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Favourite artist and track

Listening to Smetana’s Ma Vlast. On this recording conducted by the legendary Sergiu Celibidache the river almost drifts through the kitchen, imbibed with a layer of Late 19th century Bohemian yearning.




He was force to be reckoned…Intense doesn’t even start to describe the man.

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Very sophisticated taste. I caught the Sun Ra revival when I moved to NYC in the mid 90s (when the Arkestra was enjoying a renaissance, with Mr. Sanders was playing with them at the time). I am not from Saturn, but I can take their style in small doses.

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Yeah it’s definately not your everyday, more sunday afternoon music. Sanders is a legend, 80 years old and releases this, he began with Coltrane in the 60s.


Been a big fan of Floating Points since he started releasing records in 2009. Pretty amazing that he’s got to the point where he’s getting Sun Ra out of semi-retirement, and a pretty amazing record.


Yes hasn’t recorded anything in 20 years, he heard floating points on the radio and found he related to the music. If this had happened earlier, he might have played at plastic people, that would have been special !

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For all the Bruce fans, I recommend a really nice film currently on Netflix - Blinded by the Light. Basically it’s a story of an Asian kid growing up in Luton in the 1980s where he discovers his talents as a writer and Bruce Springsteen. It’s a prickly, heartfelt and special film, not afraid to show what it was like grow up as British-Asian in the times of the dole queue and rising facism (well, one of the eras of rising facism)… And Bruce loved it!
(Would have put the Netflix link - but Netflix don’t seem to like me doing that…)


iPod shuffle just threw this little gem at me:

Gotta love Steve Cropper :guitar:


Yeah me too, Booker T’s organ break isn’t bad either. That line ‘hit him in the head with a rolling pin’ made me smile too.

And put me in mind of this…

…one of the best lyrics ever !

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Folk death metal. Bit of a crush on Libby Lux


Cathal is one the greatest Irish songwriters of his generation. Check his work with Microdisney (especially The Clock Comes Down The Stairs) and The Fatima Mansions (you can try Against Nature).

This song is fabulous.