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Favourite artist and track

Many thanks - ‘audience being seemingly bamboozled’ !

This is what I mean by music to smile at:

Van Halen - Jump, 118 million views

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Sometimes I like songs about real things that I can relate to, and then sometimes I just need a convoluted, down-tuned, prog-metal concept album about astral projection gone wrong:


Is this wimp rock… Cant be doing with english bands at all

I don’t think Johnny Marr can be classified as a wimp, but I will let others voice their opinions.

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As far as Irish bands go, Microdisney is one of my favourites, and anything that Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan did afterwards (Fatima Mansions, High Llamas). Got to see them a few years ago for a reunion performance of The Clock Comes Down The Stairs.

I couldn’t leave out one of my other favourite bands of all time. Newcastle’s Prefab Sprout. A gem to be discovered for those not aware of its existence.

(“somethings hurt more much more than cars and and girls”)

(“Hot Dog, Dancing Frog, Albuquerque”)


Can’t get enough of this lately, or any of the releases for that matter, from mysterious but highly productive collective Sault…

…the quality control across all four records released to date is staggeringly good.


Lovely, yet sometimes harsh. Goes a bit trip-hoppy sometimes, peppered with struggle-laced lyrics. Nice, especially now that Massive Attack is in semi-retirement.


I have to agree. The first time I heard them Blue Lines immediately sprang to mind. Club Classics Volume 1 from Soul II Soul too. I guess the one thing they all have in common is/was their ability to take influences from disparate genres and then to produce something new, exciting and original from them.


He’s just released a new song, Song of Co-Aklan. Think an album is to follow too. First in over a decade, I believe.

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Have been listening to Steve McQueen recently - fantastic album…also noted lots of their songs on the radio recently too

Many years ago I put on a best of album in a friends car - we arrived at the destination after a bit of a delay and he commented to other friends that I had “tormented him” with the album…turns out one of our friends is Paddy’s cousin ! he thought they are great :rofl:

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Currently it’s Ignoreland by REM. Seems to me to sum up the state of the world currently, particularly the middle eight (which I think is a middle sixteen).


Great album. If you can get the extended version with Paddy Macaloon’s acoustic versions it’s even lovelier.


My first girlfriend went out with me purely because I had a copy of Automatic for the People.



Valid reason, but not a strong basis for a long-term relationship…!

Similarly, aged 16 I had a boyfriend who was totally unsuitable. When I pointed out we had nothing in common, and suggested we broke up he was baffled and said “but we both love The Cure!”… I wasn’t convinced it was a good enough reason. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My attraction to her was mostly that I liked that she liked that I had a copy of Automatic for the People. It didn’t last long.

I was 14, she was 14. 14 year olds are weird!

How very “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”!


Last spin tonight…

Have you got/heard the more/most recent Crimson/Red?
An odd provenance but a splendid Sprouting nonetheless.

I like it - definitely PS!

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Yes, and also Let’s Change The World With Music.

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