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Favourite artist and track



Indeed, and Debbie Harry - quite a mix of genres it seems lol


Emerson Lake and Palmer … can’t remember the last time I listened to it. Also enjoyed their version of Pictures at an Exhibition. Not sure about the artwork :slight_smile:


When they were on form, they were phenomenal. When they weren’t, they made things like Love Beach :scream:


I have a fairly large collection of original 45s, mostly soul, funk, reggae and jazz from the 60s and 70s with smattering of 50s and 80s. Also punk and indie lps & 45s from the 70s and 80s, some 80s hip hop, and some garage and psych albums from the 60s. A smattering of more recent stuff, too, but probably not enough (love Laura Jurd’s band, Dinosaur).

Impossible to pick a favourite (favourite 200 maybe!) but here are three that would make the 200!

and the incredible Jaibi:


Wonderful, this is fabulous music. I only have a smattering of African in my collection (the obvious ones like Hugh Masekela, Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor) and need more! I will check out this label. Thanks.


I love that Dinosaur album. Exciting to hear that sort of thing being made here.


I know this is about more modern artists and tracks and I’m loving the suggestions, but I can’t resist a couple of my fave opera arias. First from the film Diva from the opera La Wally

and this from Monteverdi’s Coronation of Popea


OMG, Ghost Town used to be one of those songs I couldn’t stop listening to! I forgot how much I love First Aid Kit - will check their new stuff out now, thanks!

@M1tch, I also recommend Rae Morris and Sigrid as two artists I’ve been loving a lot recently. And, as you’re a self-confesses eclectic like me, I can’t recommend listening to the musical Hamilton! It’s just had a record-breaking 13 Olivier Award nominations and it’s a phenomenal musical (IMO!) :heart_eyes:


Rather taken with the rhythm and drive.


Talking Heads…Life during Wartime.

Not sure what the backing girls were on, but count me in !!


@M1tch, if you want something really fresh, why not try Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox? Scott takes modern songs and rearranges them in early/mid 20th century styles, and often in a contrasting style to the original, e.g. the Titanic theme tune as 1950s doowop. Really effective - his covers are now often my favourite versions of classic songs. Here’s their version of Creep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3lF2qEA2cw

Lots of other classy, jazzy tunes to sip your wine to.


She is something: she even got Kronos quartet for that album & they are the people who won’t appear with any random singer, trust me


Just noticed your comment about covers, so here’s an eclectic mix of original post-1990s talent, just scratching the surface A-H:

Amadou & Mariam
Aubrey Logan
Carlos Jean
Eliza Carthy
Gugun Blues Shelter
Hannah Gill & The Hours


Thanks, I’ll seek her out. Chance meetings are often the best.


Thanks for that, yeah I have heard of them before, really good remix to classic songs, also some of those ‘sad clown’ covers (think he was on one of those reality shows) seem pretty good.


Wow, the last time I heard a voice like that was just before I passed out after consuming a surfeit of “Parroquets Verts”. I was with a crowd of French rugby fans after the famous Micky Skinner tackle on Eric Champ…some say EC heard similar sounds as he was helped from the fiel of play. However each to their own I say…


Thanks for that, I do enjoy finding odd genres, the oddest artist I have come up against is ‘Igorrr’, he is in his own genre of ‘Baroquecore’ - try ‘ieuD’ - mild warning though for anyone who does listen to Igorrr, probably around 99% of people won’t like it - takes a bit of getting used to. The videos are also beautifully shot as well (such as Opus Brain) :slight_smile:


Ditto Sigrid @laura! And Caro Emerald, Irit Dekel, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and London Grammar. Also the soundtrack to Pride as that is this month’s car CD :cd:


Relaxing Stoner Rock for me, instrumental albums tonight (Tuber’s Desert Overcrowded and Mother Engine’s Muttermaschine mash up)

Tune to Drop C, engage the OD and crank the volume.:+1:


Morning all

So what tunes do you reach for when the weather turns all lovely?

Sometimes I turn to one of the first two albums by the Boss, sometimes it’s Mister Stevie Wonder or the Barafundle Bumbler, but this particularly sunny Sunday morning calls for Captain Clinton and his creative chaos: