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Favourite artist and track

How about a recipe-friendly-child swap?


I think that’s a lovely idea! Maybe you can start a thread?

Is it that bad…? :flushed:

This song’s been blowing my mind lately

Like The Carpenters re-purposed for the COVID times. Absolutely gorgeous.

Oh man! @Bargainbob thanks so much for this!! It’s Weyes Blood singing! Check out her band’s stuff that I linked to up this thread if you haven’t already. Fantastic! I’m going to listen to this at work tomorrow.


I shall start that thread hopefully today.

My wee bundle of joy has been mostly ok this week after the Great Maths Horror of last week and a phone call from the Head. But one week to go to half term. Whish is the same old stuff (nearly said something else) but without home-schooling. Yay.

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Thread started!


Yeah I really like that Weyes Blood album and have been enjoying that for a few months. That said, I think ‘How We Drift Away’ is probably stronger than anything on the album. Fantastic song!


It’s a beautiful song. I need to play it again…

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Saw Albert Lee with Bill Wyman in Holmfirth a few years ago ((turns out it was early 2013, time flies)). Incredible, up til then I’d never heard of him, yet it was one of those gigs where you knew were privileged to have been there. Effortless guitar work - both of them - nothing superfluous or contrived, audience were mesmerised & you could have heard a pin drop between notes.

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Generally speaking, much 70s ‘prog rock’ makes me smile (not that this is ‘prog rock’), but I still enjoy … I didn’t do ‘middle age’ and I’m certainly not going to do ‘old age’ :wink:


I had great hopes for the Bruckner 8 symphony just released on DG label recorded by Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra under Nelsons but alas it did not lift my spirits. So I trashed it on an Amazon review.

For those of you who like Wagner, the Royal Opera House Ring Cycle is being repeated from tomorrow night on Radio 3:

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You may enjoy this cover of ‘Watcher of the Skies’ from Foxtrot performed by the US band Phish. Pretty fantastic musicians. A very nice cover - despite the audience being seemingly bamboozled by such magesterial prog. I salute them. They needed capes, though. And a bit of makeup. And more dry ice.


Went a bit deep into Chick (RIP) this afternoon and got diverted into this Frank Gambale session extending his shred longer than would be allotted him in the Elektric Band.

I agree with your description and assessment! :smiley:

AND they had a 5 string bass! (Though a mate of mine once had a 6 string Shergold bass - pretty serious prog credentials).

I will tune in for that. Pappano is very good with Wagner. His Tristan was outstanding.

Very nice!

The mellotron intro felt a bit rushed but there was some lovely bass work and the drummer managed to replicate Phil’s fabulous attention to detail. Must have been nerve-racking playing it in front of the band…!

The only song to listen while waiting for the En Primeur allocation results:


Ahhh… Good old Johnny… My daughter had a massive crush on him, and it’s probably what got her into playing guitar. He was my guitar hero too, in my yuf.

Me and the other half ended last night with a glass of Medium dry Oloroso, and a game of Jukebox, as TV was so shite. Finished the game with these two (very different) favourites:


Who needs TV.