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Favourite artist and track

Hi all,

Just a quick question, looking around at other bands/artists this year to listen to and discover, what is your favourite artist and track? Usually I stumble upon a track or artist when listening on Youtube which then plays the next track etc. Just wondering what everyone else is listening to, I have a fairly eclectic mix of styles I listen to - don’t really follow any genre in particular.

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My all time favourite is probably King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King… or any other songs from that album…

Other interesting things would be The Port of Amsterdam, both the David Bowie and Jacques Brel renditions, or Bahamut by Hazmat Modine. I do listen to more current stuff, too, I swear.

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Thanks for your suggestions - I have found that most of the current stuff is simply sampling the original artists or are simply covers - not sure if there has been any original music since the late 90s!

I listen to ALL sorts of stuff, but this one blew me away the first time I heard it and it still gets me … and yes it is derivative, but it is also new

Portugal The Man, Feel it Still

And if you happen to like Prince then check this out … but slightly NSFW so only adding a link rather than embedding - Make Me Feel

Finally (you got me started) for a complete change of pace, the entire album of A Song For Every Moon by Bruno Major is lovely and atmospheric (and cleverly written)


I’m still liking The Weeks - saw them support Kings of Leon a while back and promptly bought cds!

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I can’t really claim to be particularly current in what I’m listening to these days, but there’s definitely been some original stuff in the last 20 years! Probably the most modern album I’ve enjoyed in the last few years is St Vincent’s self-titled album from a couple of years ago. It’s pop, but it’s skewed and very clever - she’s a bit of a genius, I think.

All time favourites - David Bowie, Blur, The Beatles, and Elliott Smith. If you’re not aware of Mr Smith there are a fair few albums to get lost in:

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What an album. There’s never been anything quite like it since. Much as I love the Wetton/Bruford era, that first album is something special…


I’m really digging the new First Aid Kit right now. Swedish sisters doing Americana.

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Seen First Aid Kit a couple of times at Latitude, they were good.
Last year my favourite band of the festival was Kaleo, a band originating in Iceland and now in USA. Fantastic rock/folk/R&B - I think they have since been supporting the Rolling Stones.

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@Herbster can you believe that album is from 1969.

Hold on, that means it turns 50 next year, blimey.

Timeless stuff though. Sublime drumming from beginning to end.

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and Robert Fripp on guitars all the way

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FUR are an up-and-coming band from Brighton (declaration of interest, the guitarist/singer/songwriter is my son!)


I’m way out of any current music loops, so the only stuff I buy these days is from the past, mainly from my favourite label, Analog Africa. Here are some fun tracks:


I can only listen to ‘pure stuff’ like Tanya Tagaq these days:

Alexandra, that’s rather interesting! I wonder what the wine equivalent of Tanya Tagaq would be. Possibly one without any sulphur.

Some rare arctic wine :slightly_smiling_face:

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And I have a name for it. Seal’s Blood! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for all these suggestions! I do listen to a very very obscure artist that pretty much sits in its own genre - its a very ‘marmite’ artist but incredible if you can get past the music style. However don’t want to mention the band as it might polarise opinion lol, its interesting watching some of those ‘reaction’ videos when someone listens to the artist for the first time.

I also like the artwork of HR Giger (designed the alien in Alien), he created some artwork for certain LPs which I am in the process of collecting, stumbled upon Danzig 3 - how the Gods kill.

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Ah, Brain Salad Surgery. Takes me back…!