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Favourite £20-30 Bottles

A bit of a spin-off from my post in the Burgundy Believers thread, but I was wondering what your favourite bottles from the list in the c.£20-30 price range are?

I appreciate all our budgets are different, but for me, I’d only really buy wines at this price point as a treat or for special occasions (usually spending c.£8-15/bottle), so really want to make sure I’m getting something that’s worth splashing out for and at a good quality-price ratio.

Currently in my rack following recommendations on here and from friends, but as yet untried, are Rioja Alta Ardanza 2012 & Clos du Caillou Rouge Quartz 2017.

Looking forward to hearing your responses!




For whites, there are often very very good rieslings from Alsace and Germany in that range. For reds, I’d lean towards offerings from the Northern Rhone like Crozes Hermitage.

There aren’t many on the list at the moment, but Xinomavro can be outstanding and for £20-30 you will get top examples.

Not quite £20 but I thought the 2019 vintage of this was brilliant Julien Brocard, Chablis Boissonneuse 2020 (thewinesociety.com)


This is a bit special: Barolo Bussia, Silvano Bolmida 2010


Good to hear - bought on of those on a whim recently. 12 year old Barolo at that price seemed too good to pass up :+1:t2:


I’d definitely second the Xinomavro call, again not currently on the list but the Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra is just gorgeous and outstanding vfm :heart_eyes:


The Thymiopoulos Earth and Sky/Alma, Markavitis, and Dalamara [edit: not this, we’re keeping quiet about it, so it’s rubbish, OK?] are also all excellent. Xinomavro in this price bracket is remarkable value.


I was keeping quiet about the Dalmara after it sold out before I was able to get a second case :wink: But to be serious yes, all of the above, the Xin I’ve had through TWS have without exception been brilliant in all the price brackets.


I think Fontodi’s Chianti Classico has to be in this list. I believe it’s £21 or £22 these days but it’s fabulous (with enough time etc….).

For white wine, Leflaive’s Oncle Vincent is brilliant, at around the £20 mark when it’s available.


@Oli.G This is just over the price point, but the Nyetimber Brut Classic Cuvee NV as a sparkling! https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/nyetimber-brut-classic-cuvee-nv


Tried and tested (although some different vintages but I’d have confidence in what is currently being offered)
Mendel Unus
Shaw + Smith M3 Chardonnay
Once & Future Oakley Road Zinfandel
Meerlust Rubicon
Warwick Trilogy

High Hopes for:
Caillou Quartz CdR
Tyrrell’s Old Hillside Shiraz


Oh you! I have been trying to ignore this one, but they had another 2010 Barolo a while back which was brilliant so I think I have to do it…


This one is good Au Bon Climat Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir 2018

And this is top class Sancerre if you like that style of SB https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/sancerre-la-reine-blanche-domaine-vacheron-2020


Agreed, and the Fileta di Lamole is a cracker as well in a lighter, more perfumed style


Yep, I agree on that as well.


Some great recommendations on reds above, totally agree with the Xinomavro, Musar and Rioja ones in particular. Lot of value in Rhone at that price point too, though some come and go very quickly on the list.

On whites, the Kumeu River Estate wine has gone up a bit in price, but still comes in at the bottom end of your range. Single vineyard wines from them will probably sneak in below £30, none in stock now though.
Alsace - there are some Zind Humbrecht on current list…the entry level ones are £20 and mid level just above your £30 ceiling at present. Clos Floridene white Graves 2019 is also on at £20 but probably too young still. TWS drinking window goes to 2028 and it will probably go a bit beyond that.
Quite a few very good German whites either side of £20 too.


Scrolled back through the last few pages of ‘My Wines’ - slightly frightening exercise!

I’d give +1 to @Aspedini and the Fontodi Chianti. Also to @Herbster for the Barolo Bussia Bolmida, both excellent.

Confining myself to in stock wines I’d add a couple -

Bohorquez Ribera del Duero 2011 for £21.50. Not as good as the 2010 but still enjoyable.
Lectores Vini Classic Priorat -2019 £ 22 again VGVFM.

There are often bargains to be had in the Champagne and other sparklers if you keep an eye out for case offers. I had Deutz NV, Nyetimber and Castelnau all within your target range last year. The Deutz is currently on offer at £220 for 6 , so over the target range, as is the Nyetimber at £31. However, while the Castelnau is also outwith the range as well it’s because it is just under the £20 mark :laughing: (case to reserves). Curiously not showing in the special case offers section (Wine Case Offers | The Wine Society)

Sorry just noticed I am repeating @Kelly point about the Nyetimber


So many good wines and will second the following already mentioned above:-
Kumeu River Coddington Vineyard
Fontodi CC
Naoussa Xinomavro wines of Ktima Foundi, Dalamaria and Thymiopolous (and all under £20)

There are stunning South African wines to be had in this price range. I have enjoyed the following immensely and I will be buying all of them again when funds permit!
Alheit Cartology
Crystallum “The Agnes”
Lukas van Loggerenberg Breton - super wine but suspect next vintage may peek above the £30.


We liked the Bóhorquez Reserva, 2010. One of the best ones we had last year.


Paul Jaboulet Aîné Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert
Chateau Musar
Mendel Unus
Nyetimber Brut Classic Cuvée NV came in at £22.50 a bottle when buying 6 from TWS previously, does that count?