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Favorite Society/exhibition wine?


Hi all,

Just wondered what everyone’s favorite Society wine is, they are usually specific blends that only we have from top producers. I know when I started my WSET it was really helpful to try some of the Society wines as they are a good indicator of a certain region or style - with the step up to Exhibition wines a real treat.

I had a bottle of the Society Exhibition 2001 Gran Reserva Rioja at Christmas which went down rather well :smiley:

For me I really enjoy the Society Rioja, always really enjoyable to drink.

I also have the Sicilian red to also try which is apparently a top seller with members:

I also stumbled upon the Samur brut as well which is an excellent party fizz:


My favourites in the Society range are:


Completely obvious choices, I know, but they’re really good examples of wine styles I enjoy. Honourable mentions: Gruner Veltliner, Muscadet, Chilean Merlot, Sicilian Reserve Red, Corbieres

I haven’t explored the Exhibition as much, but I thought these were pretty great:


I agree with the Saumur Brut and also I have a fondness for the Fleurie


I ran an entire Exhibition Wine range tasting the other week to choose wines for an upcoming Exhibition offer (tough life, I know). The standouts for me were as follows:

Just classic, top quality Chablis. Flinty, mealy, smokey with lovely precision and acidity.

Blackcurrant leaf, lime zest and juniper. Not your normal sauvignon blanc (if you like the grassy, gooseberry sauvignon then the Sancerre is a better bet atm.

Classic Beaujolais. Cherry kernels and crunchy red fruit. Delicious.

Fragrant bramble and blackberry with the classic leafiness trypical of the grape. Crunchy and bright.

This is an outrageous wine and an exquisite example of Margaux. It’s young but soft and perfumed.

Weirdly if you like Gran Reserva Rioja then this is a must buy… Ripe cherry and plum meets creamy vanilla and sweet cedar.

My full choices will come out in an offer later this year so keep an eye out :wink:


Thanks @Leah. The Fleurie has gone straight into my (accumulating) basket. I tried this, years ago at a work Wine Club tasting. It will be good to reacquaint myself with it!


I have tried the Society white Burgundy a few times, its good value for money, but found that if you spend around £3-£4 more a bottle you can get something even better (although that’s a 50% increase in price!)

Tempted to get a bottle of the Exhibition Margaux, as its a 2015 vintage it should have a fair amount of time to drink it!


As Rioja has been mentioned already, for my taste this one is a standout -

I do like the own label crianza, but its style tends to vary more with vintage.

Just in passing, I admire the candour of the description accompanying the Society’s Red Burgundy

but Burgundy beginners may be shocked by its austerity and high acidity


The Society Red Burgundy is always an opinion splitter, I don’t envy Toby’s job of trying to put together a red Burgundy for the pricepoint he manages.


Completely agreed, @M1tch. The point is exactly one I would make to anyone who had no experience of red burgundy and fancied trying some. By and large, don’t start with a Bourgogne Rouge. Once you know what to look for (which will probably need a much spiffier wine to make plain) then you’ll know what to look for in a lowlier example.


I started a thread to look into alternatives:

Domaine Sylvain Pataille for me is the ‘go to’ cheap red Burgundy, slightly too scared to get too far into it as I do like Domaine Maume (just not the price!).


This is just crazy value good proper Port:


That is my go-to Port, that and the Society LBV :smiley:


Without any doubt this is the best Exhibition wine…

Sadly not in stock any more.


I’m sure this is a bit of a cliché - but I do love the Society Champagne. You have to spend an awful lot more to get something that beats it.


I’m really quite pleased I still have this :+1:


We thoroughly enjoyed this one recently, too:


The best value wine in the whole list for me

And this made us visit the winery last summer where we had a fabulous tasting of their wide range of wines - excluding the blend made exclusively for the Society, that is!

And we loved this one so much at a local tasting of Ripasso and Amarone wines that we bought a case in the January sales :yum::yum:


My Favourite Exhibition red at the moment

And for white

For the society’s wines I’d go for The Sicilian Red and Hunter Valley Semillon


A bottle arrived in my order about an hour ago! Looking forward to trying my first Hunter Valley Semillon.


This is a regular mid week tipple, so easy to drink, balanced and flavoursome!

This is also great value in my opinion.