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Faugères offer

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If the small Languedoc appellation of Faugères is less of a trade secret at The Wine Society than it might otherwise be, it’s because Jean-Miche Alquier’s deeply expressive blends of syrah and grenache have delighted members for many years. The trio featured here from the excellent 2018 vintage looks set to do the same.

Buy the mixed case for £115


I discovered it a good many years ago in the sleepy little town of Florensac, home to one the best restaurants in France. The place was more than worthy of its single Michelin star, and though the wine list was not especially large, it boasted several great names. Among them was Faugères from Domaine Alquier. I was fascinated.

Created in 1870, the Alquier estate was not only one of the first in the Languedoc to bottle its own wine and sell directly to the public, but also the first to plant syrah in Faugères. For 30 years, it has been run by Jean-Michel and his wife Véronique. New owners Thibaud and Sophie Bardi have not only retained the name, but Jean-Michel himself who remains on board as consultant. The 2018 vintage is his work, with the new owners adding their touch at blending.

The future looks secure for these handcrafted wines that reflect the Faugères terroir, the grape varieties and Jean-Michel’s passionate love of Côte-Rôtie and Burgundy. Finesse and elegance are all-important, as is the ability to age. To appreciate fully what outstanding value for money they represent, compared to the northern Rhône or the Côte d’Or, try them when they are at least ten years old. Of course, you may not be able to wait that long!

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