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Faugeres/ Languedoc


I opened a bottle of Faugeres Les Bastides D’Alquier 2006.
Decanted and drank over 4 hours.
The wine opened up after 2 hours flooding the palate with bramble fruit and spice.
However, on the nose all I could detect throughout was what I assumed was alcohol.
What kind of smell notes should I be looking for in a Syrah based wine like this?
Should I double decant?



Hi. For me that’s just one of the intriguing (and frustrating) things about wine. Sometimes a bouquet is subdued but the palate very expressive, sometimes it’s the other way round. Sometimes both palate and aroma are lacking, while other times they’re both so pronounced you can’t even comprehend the layers.
Every bottle of wine is different, as is every drinking occasion. Trying to understand it all is the fun of the journey.
Have you ever heard of the biodynamic wine calendar? It breaks the year up into days according to the moon cycles. Some days (fruit and flower) are said to be best for drinking/tasting wine, while others (leaf and root) are said to be ‘unsupportive’. There are also other days that aren’t anything. That but always confuses me. In my experience there’s something in the biodynamic wine calendar. And as far as I know most major retailers hold their press tastings on fruit or flower days, so maybe investigate it and can help you get the best experience from your wine.
Hope this addresses your question! I think it’s best to let your own senses guide you, as opposed to loading your mind up with other people’s perceptions of a grape’s characteristics.


thanks. I knew about biodynamics in terms of growing but not in terms of consuming.


I’ve always enjoyed this wine. It’s very serious for the price. Not sure I’d expect a lot of aromatic but know it’s ages well so maybe no yet ready? Who would have thought after 11 years.


There’s an app called When Wine that’s really handy. I only tend to refer to after the event (usually to satisfy my curiosity if a wine seems particularly expressive. Most of the time it pans out), but it’s nice to have it to hand if you’re thinking about opening a special bottle. Sometimes I’ll modify my selection if the day’s an unfavourable one for drinking wine.