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Father's day gift ideas [2019]


Just saw the link on TWS opening page to father’s day gift ideas… clicked on the link, but found it a bit underwhelming. Hopefully just means it is work in progress. A whisky, a craft beer case and a magnum of Chianti… really?

Better than socks and a tie I guess. :wink:


Disappointing, a bit like “prosecco for the ladies” :thinking:,
How about some Zalto glasses and a coravin?? Might be interesting to look over last years thread?
As ever I’m in dire need of inspiration too/again :rofl:


Last year my wife bought me 2 cans of each of the Beavertown beers ( She thought I had too much wine!:rofl:)

This year for my 40th , she bought me two Zalto white wine glasses which I love!


You need to find more places to hide, sorry store, your boxes… too much wine - what does that even mean?!


that would be worth its own topic… but Vegas Rules should apply… maybe a secret group anyone, to share ideas?


Brilliant idea :bulb::wink::pray:! Wine is only ever delivered when Mr.Leah is offshore :rofl::rofl:.


no TWS socks ?!


Wine kept in bond/reserves doesn’t count right?..right?


My wife only sees the wine we have at home ! She hasn’t seen the wine I’ve kept in storage :shushing_face:


I must say that Father’s Day offer is seriously disappointing. Could do better myself from the list in less than 5.

How about I start with.


Mr. Leah only knows we have wine in reserves / bond … and he doesn’t know anymore than that :grimacing:! Best put it all in the will :sweat_smile:.


Your lucky Leah, No1 is omni present and has a photographic mind re who delivers wine here !
The conversation which is entirely one way usually starts with “is that a wine delivery YOU have just had” retires again to greenhouse.


All I want for Father’s day is a full night’s sleep, do TWS offer that?

Maybe if I have the chianti all to myself…


Happy to report that the page looks fully updated now with more than just those three items. :slight_smile:


Someone must’ve heard you :rofl:


You’ll just have to be more discreet and tactical @cerberus… Have the wine delivered TO the greenhouse ??:sweat_smile:


Something like this Leah…



@szaki1974 was entirely correct in that it was a bit of a work in progress when he found it. Happy to have a wider selection for the dads on show now!


At the lower price end, a bottle or two of one of his faves would surely go down well. Alternatively, a self-assembly wine rack (Dad’s love a bit of DIY, right?) or a Society Apron :smile::+1:t2:

If you want to splash a bit more, a Decanter is a great shout. A nice magnum or a case of one of our premium beers would be top alternative options.


Happy Fathers day to all you wonderful Dads on here! Hope your day is filled with fine wine and happiness. Have a great day!