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Just tried to place an order with Farmison to be informed by the website that the company was placed into administration on 6th April. A pity as I’ve had excellent product and delivery from them over the past three years or so. Will have to find a replacement.

That is quite a shock. They had only been crowd funding not so long ago, so I hope lots of folks have not lost their investments. I used Farmison quite a few times, but found them vastly over priced.

I would highly recommend It is basically a husband and wife team and as well as superb meat (the Kerry Hill lamb in particular) they bake bread, make pastry and also some classic old Lincolnshire products sucb as chine.


I’m surprised - thought they had the perfect business model ! buy quality heritage meat, sell it to punters in manageable portions.

BUT a quick peruse of companies house leaves me bemused.

Shame really, they were expensive however I justified that to myself because one was buying ‘the real meat’ etc. I truly hope that their suppliers - who would have been independant farms - were not left unpaid.

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Surprised and saddened to hear this. But thinking about my last few orders, I’d started mainly buying things in the (regular) sales and offers. Perhaps they were just a bit too expensive for a market still conditioned by supermarket prices (I include myself in that)

Will look at @dinkydodah’s suggestion and other alternatives in the wiki.

That is a shame to hear that as bought from Farmison before, we have been using Swaldale butchers on line for some time now and found them pretty good

They were on the expensive side and one order of mine was on the tough side (they replaced it). I would have ordered from them again but there are plenty of others.

‘plenty of others’ may be optimistic. Our excellent local butcher closed at the beginning of the year (electricity costs too high) and others seem wavering.

I find Dorset Meat very reliable.

John Davidson up in Scotland are great for BBQ meats - a fantastic range of BIG briskets, ribs & sausages.

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Same story here - the last Butcher in Holmfirth closed last year. Fortunately we have some exceedingly good farm-shops in the area.

Farmison has been bought by a consortium lead by former Asda CEO Andy Clarke and should be restarting operations in a few weeks time.


Farmison rescue is good news!

Had an email that Farmison is back trading again, under new owners.

Coincidently I was about to do an order for pork shoulder, amongst other things, from elsewhere.

Farmison is offering an unspecified “heritage” breed 1.25kg for £19.95

Cornvale, a northern English online butcher who are excellent, offer 2kg of Gloucester Old Spot for £19.00

I know where my money is going.


I recommend their tail fillet!

Thanks for that a new one for me.