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Fantasy offers


Hi all,

Just noticed a comment @szaki1974 mentioned in a previous thread on the new list and the offers everyone received:

Thought it might be a fun topic for everyone to suggest ‘fantasy offers’ - eg offers/concepts that they wish they could buy from.

@szaki1974 's idea was:

"Bordeaux Superstars - a comparison of vintages 2005, 2009 and 2010”

For me it might be:

“Old world with new world equivalents”

Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Yep, that’s pretty much my ideal too. Or maybe, and bearing in mind that the word ‘fantasy’ was used, ‘Cru Burgundies for under a tenner’ would be my dream offer.


I think that you may have to find a list from the Eighties or even the Seventies for that…


‘Old world wines and new world doppelgangers’

Paired wines with similar terroir/varietals from old and new world

Stellenbosch bordeaux blends with cab sauv led Bordeaux
Sonoma Coast Syrah with Crozes/St Jo
Otago/Washington Pinot with Burgundy
Possibly Malbec/Cahors though they are often unrecognisable as same grape


I’d like something thematic, such as “Islands & volcanoes” - to showcase the effect on style of unusual locations (e.g. Etna, Corsica, etc.)


wines with similar stories but different regions - so `'wines produced only by husband & wife teams", or made by cooperative wineries, or maybe “only wines named after kids & pets”



There was an issue of Noble Rot dedicated to this topic. Wonderful little pockets of unique pleasure.


It is something you sometimes see on better, more extensive, restaurant wine lists and it is something I’d love to explore more, but of course in the restaurant you pay a hefty markup and only get to try one wine, whilst in this way you could get a whole selection to enjoy at home


Maybe we should start a petition for an island wine case.


@szaki1974 - yes Canaries please!


Kefalonian Robola would be a must - delicious but doesn’t get exported really at all


Then there is Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano from Santorini and more generally the Cyclades


Keep the ideas coming. You may not see whole lists but the suggestions are great for Tastings and Event themes.

I’ve already got an old world vs new world comparative tasting pencilled in for September. Will be a workshop in Stevenage but could get taken on the road if there is demand.

Unfortunately we aren’t going to be able to do Burgundy for under a tenner though. Sorry!


Ask TWS ‘star’ winemakers to choose the wine they would like to make (across different styles or grapes) i.e. the winemakers selection…

e.g. What Old World wines would the Kumeu River winemakers choose?


Maybe a range of Michel Rolland wines? See if any body can tell the difference?


Top Cru Beaujolais from different vintages - to highlight what this region, often described as one of the best value, has to offer at its best.


The ‘Sticky Situation’ Case

Just allll the dessert wines…port, Bordeaux, Aussie, Pedro Ximinez, Vin Santo, Muscat, TBA etc.



A bodega Urbina (Rioja) tasting case. You sell a couple of their wines but their range is extensive with classic wines, modern wines, young wines. Their wines aren’t as top notch as some of the more high end Rioja producers but they are lovely and great value for money. I’m salivating as I type!


A ‘half measures’ case

Not exactly fantasy but practical for mid week indulgence without the guilt!

(Sold with a half decanter)


Was just chatting with @GrapeChaser and thinking of cyclists (like @Matthew amongst others) … how about a selection of wines inspired by vineyards along the routes of famous cycling races (France, Italy, Spain, … Yorkshire …)


(previous gif was too large - anyone recognise the movie?)


Les Triplettes de Belleville - where wine does not get a very good spokesman it has to be said