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Fantastic Warwick Wine Dinner at High Timber Restaurant


Absolutely amazing event last night. Brilliant Warwick wines and fabulous food at High Timber. A winning combination. Nic Van Aarde was an engaging and informative host and rightly proud of the new vintage of Trilogy. With wines of this quality it astonishes me that SA wine is still so often overlooked . The wines are fantastic and represent incredible value for money, even (especially ?) at the top end. Hope that @Tim_S was impressed I doubled up after the “Community” lunch. It was definitely worth it although I may have a wine-free day today !!


And you lived to tell the tale, Tim!! :smile:
Was lovely to see you again yesterday, and glad to hear that the Warwick event was excellent too! :+1::+1:


Sounds like a great day @HarrierTB. Which vintages did you get to try? Would be interested in any tasting notes you could share?

I’m curious in anticipation of the 2015 Trilogy EP delivery sometime next spring.



Very impressed you joined us @HarrierTB and even more impressed you were still speaking coherently and walking of your own accord at the end of the night.

@Alchemist - We had the 2015 (from a 12L bottle) 2013, 2010 and 2003. Was very interesting to hear Nic explain his journey with the wine. He was responsible for blending the 2010 after taking on the head winemaker position in 2011 and openly admitted that he thinks he over extracted the 2013.

The 2015 is the first time the wine is predominantly Cabernet Franc and it also saw less new oak than previous vintages. Still extremely young, it was quite tight with firm tannins and some stalkiness on first taste. But after a good decant and with a lovely bit of red meat it really opened up with generous ripe fruit balanced by acidity/freshness.


For perspective I’m a touch over 6’3.