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Fancy making Sangria with 1999 Ch Petrus?

I could only find a Daily Mail report which makes me doubtful but it was reported on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning:


Probably made it taste better, it is Merlot after all :wink:

PS… I actually do like some Merlot.


Pétrus? I use my '98s for sangria; I find the '99s a bit weedy. The dad should have a word.


“Mr Jones bought the [Petrus] wine by accident while in a rush on Christmas Eve in 2004”.

Let’s be honest we’ve all been there - popped round the offie to get some Blossom Hill for Christmas dinner, and picked up a bottle of Petrus in error. Easy mistake to make


Must admit that one struck me and made me doubtful. I mean, who buys Petrus by mistake.

Not to this level but we’ve all been there.

We had to establish a clear ranking system in the wine fridge after my wife made quite an expensive lasagne.


The '99 however, makes an excellent mulled wine.


I’ll take your word for it :rofl:

Not on the same scale but many years ago when I was just starting in this wine buying malarkey, I had a small wine rack under the stairs, mostly everyday stuff.

My partner’s daughter grabbed a bottle to take to a party whilst we were out. Randomly she picked a bottle of Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Kabinett, the most expensive bottle of wine I had bought at that point.

Hate to think what it got mixed with knowing the kind of parties she went to :grinning:


More seriously should not a 19 year old not have been taught a bit our about wine by that age if the parents had such a bottle to “show friends”? When do you introduce your kids to wine in order to make it about wine rather than simple alcohol?.


I try most weekends during lunch or supper, but I either get a yawn or a blank look. Awareness of aromas and vintages is about as far as I’ve got, which I’m claiming as a victory (anything else would probably be illegal as she’s only 9 years old).

In this case (a bunch of pissed-up teenagers still partying at 5am), it could have been anything in that bottle and it would have been drained.


All my children need to know about wine, when they’re old enough to drink, is that these here are the bottles you can take and open whenever the need arises, and those over there are the bottles that you do not touch on pain of pain.

As long as the fair-game bottles are well stocked at all times, we should all remain happy :crossed_fingers:


Is it actually possible to buy French wine in Spain?

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