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Fancy joining The Community table at the AGM?



Hi everyone!

With the AGM just a couple of weeks away, we’re very excited to say we’ve got a Community table lined up so we can spread the word about this amazing Community of members and hopefully encourage some more of you to join. :smiley:

@Ewan and I will be there, and we’ll also be hosting a #twstaste live (you can sign up here!) but we also wondered: would any of you like to join us at the Community table to chat to other members about your experience on The Community, and answer any questions they might have about why they should join?

If so, just shout! Obviously you’d need to make your way to London on the evening of 10th June, but you’d also be very welcome to just spend a few minutes at the Community table, and then enjoy the rest of the AGM!

Let us know if you’re attending and would like to join us. :slight_smile:


I would love to join this table even if only for 20 minutes. Normally after the meeting proper, I circulate around the tasting and talk to members until it wraps up. I’d love to be part of this table, though! I think the Community is one the Society’s main differentiators and it needs saying out loud!


I would love to, but cannot as I am a Viking that week.


This is fantastic! Thanks so much, Ricard. See you there!


I’d be on for this


You do realise photos will be required ?:laughing:


How do we do this?


@thewinelake Hello! So sorry I missed this, I’ve been away for a couple of days. I would LOVE you to come along and help out at the Community table, thanks so much!

All you need to do is show up at our AGM and come and find the Community table at the post-AGM tasting! @Ewan and I will be there the whole night chatting to members and hosting our live #twstaste, and it’d be great if you’d help us chat to any members interested in learning more/joining the Community (and take part in the TWSTaste too - bring your phone so you can log in and take part! :smiley: )

You’re free to come and go as you please if you’d like to wander around and have a taste of the other wines on show and mingle with all the other members! :smiley:


Much as I’d love to come I think it’s maybe just a little too far for me to justify :disappointed_relieved:


I think I will actually be able to make it along after the tasting after all. Never been to the AGM before, should be interesting!