Family hummus recipe

Thanks for this @Inbar, I love hummus but have never attempted my own so I think I’ll have to give it a try! Without causing too much controversy has anyone ever had dessert hummus? And if yes what’s it like?!

Thank you so much for sharing @Inbar!

I’ve been making my own for years, starting with canned chickpeas when I was in uni and moving to dried ones a few years ago (much better, worth the extra time and effort). I’ve always used a fair bit of olive oil actually IN the hummus, which is contrary to your recipe and the other two or three that were shared previously. I’ve felt that my nice olive oil gets lost, and the bottle of EV oil I use for cooking doesn’t make much of a difference, but I just assumed(!) it went in as well as being used as a garnish. I’m really looking forward to my next batch without it, I’m hoping it will let the chickpea flavour shine through more (like when it finally clicked I should be using the cooking water), and I can then drizzle a bit of the Good Stuff on top and let it compliment the whole thing.

Re: Tahini … I’ve got a few shops near me that stock several brands. I like the one I’m using now more than the jar Waitrose stocks, and it’s cheaper.

As for drinks, I’ve never got a wine to work quite right with it. An ice cold lager is lovely though!

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Was very happy to share, @danchaq! :grinning:
I was inspired myself to make mum’s recipe this week, as my daughter is definitely a bit of a hummus monster! My god, she can get through the stuff…! :grimacing:
Anyway, it came out really lovely, and I thought would last for a few days, but said hummus monster + husband (simply a monster) nearly finished the tub already!! There’s something addictive about the stuff :grin:
Hope it works for you. It’s always good to try different recipes of it… :+1:


Chick peas on the stove as I type. Really look forward to tasting this. As per @danchaq all the recipes I’ve tried in the past involve adding oil to the hummus recipe rather than just as a garnish. I always felt this a bit over the top so will be interesting to see how this goes. Must remember to keep the cooking water!

Do you have a recommended wine match?

For anyone too lazy to do the whole soak/boil part (read: me 9/10 times) these make the best hummus I’ve ever eaten (and just improve any other chickpea dish by a 1000%):

Not cheap but sooooo good.


I will second that, I order them from Ocado with some regularity.


That’s great to hear, @JayKay! Hope it works for you.
Perhaps heed the warning from @Leah , and halve the quantity…! My mum’s quantity would suffice in a very small Middle Eastern gathering, but is perhaps a tad mad for the average English household! :wink:
Wine-wise, I would stick with something earthy and dusty- a Cote du Rhone, or a similar rustic red. A rosé from Navarra or even the fabulous Corse Calvi rosé I tried for the first time yesterday- will work a treat too.


Yes I’ve reduced the quantity of chickpeas to 250g so will reduce other ingredients proportionately. Removing the skins a bit faffy so haven’t really done this too carefully though have had a go. Hick peas cooked, now having a break for exercise (hot!), linchpin and sport on TV. Thanks for wine recs.

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Linchpin interesting predictive text I meant lunch! I don’t remeber ever having used this word before!

Yes, I worked out that it was lunch, rather than Linchpin. Whoever he is!.. :wink:

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Well that is the most delicious hummus I’ve ever tasted! Thank you for sharing your mamma’s recipe @Inbar.

If you are interested in a recipe for Cumberland rum butter that my mam passed on to me let me know. Particularly good for Christmas to make mince pies taste divine, for serving with BBQd bananas, putting on your porridge or even, as we did as kids, make rum butter sandwiches or butties as we called them! My aunt and uncle spread it on a Jacobs Cream Cracker - the best good use for those dry biscuits in the known universe. Rum butter, a bit like a desert hummus :rofl::rofl:


Yes please!!! The sound of BBQd bananas is like dulcet tones in my ear! :+1::banana:
Ps - glad you enjoyed the hummus!! :grinning:

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There’s been like a half dozen people talking about their hummus after this recipe. That’s a good result! :+1::grinning:


Over here…YES please!!

As it was a separate recipe I moved this into another topic:

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Thanks Eobert, I should have done that!

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Cannellini beans - a generous handful - soaked overnight in a pint glass of water. And no, its not chick-peas so technically not Hummus.

Next day simmer in fresh water until tender INCLUDING in the pan maybe a dozen garlic cloves in their skins. Drain the beans, peel the garlic, add zest of unwaxed lemon and blitz to smooth. Add cooking water to get texture you want - and then stir in olive oil, chopped mint & parley. Adjust seasoning with salt & lemon juice.

Wine is tricky - the lemon points towards a new world Semillion or maybe a Soave.

Beware olive oil - it will make it bitter. Tinned beans work, but not nearly as good. Result is more refined than chickpeas - and somehow more Italian - great hot as a side dish with chicken or lamb chops.


So I changed the recipe a little @Inbar, hope you don’t mind . I made the basic recipe and added cumin , chilli flakes and cooked beetroot for a beetroot hummus …! It was FAB . I obviously halved the quantity too. Took it around to my friends and they absolutely loved it … it’s very pink though :rofl:

This was all that was left to take back home with me :woman_facepalming:t3:


This looks fab, @leah! :heart_eyes:
I love beetroot- so it’s a really lovely idea to add it to a hummus! Glad it worked well, and that the quantity was slightly less demonic this time too!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: