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Faisen au Feu! Ole flambee!



This is my favourite pheasant recipe as it both involves a fabulous tasting end product and also plenty of opportunity for a dangerous conflageration. It is exceptionally quick and easy. This should serve 2 - 3, but in the case of excessive carbonisation, could actually be reduced to half a portion. So be careful!

You will need one pleasant plump plucked pheasant, a generous table spoon of butter, a finely chopped onion, a large glass of whiskey, 1/2 pint of double cream, some mustard and a lemon. Plus some matches. And a fire extingisher is good to have to hand if you can find one. Ensure that the wife/mother does not see you assembling this gear, or you may find a rapid curtailment of your activities. Mine has now learnt to spot the signs at an early stage. Divert her attention by setting fire to Mother in Law/Dog.

Back to the job in hand. Firstly drink half the whiskey. Then, get the old burner fired up, put the butter and pheasant in a large metal casserole that you have a lid for. Now really give it the gas and sear the bird for 10 to 15 minutes, occasionally turning until you have it nice and brown all over. It its going black a bit quick, slow it down, you need the full time. In the last few minutes, chuck the onion in as well, so that it cooks down nicely. Now then, don the handy flame-retardent apron and throw in the remnants of the glass of whiskey. Be ready with the matches and quickly light the liquor. Ole flambeeeeeeeeee!!! Dowse any minor fires you may have now started. Wipe soot off ceiling etc etc… Put the lid on the casserole and put over a very low heat for 25 minutes. Put a serving plate to warm in the bottom oven. Pour a second glass of whiskey and relax.

Once the 25 mins is up, put the bird on the warm serving plate and put it to keep gently warm somewhere. Then turn up the flames, and cook down the liquor in the casserole until it is only about 2 or 3 tablespoons left, stirring all the time. Then throw in the cream, lemon juice and some mustard (say a dessert spoon), mix it all up nicely and put it on one side. Break up the pheasant how you want, either into joints, eg 2 legs and 2 breasts, or remove all the bones, whatever. Then put the meat on the serving plate and pour over the sauce. Hey presto, a Michelin 3* dish is prepared. Serve with some mashed potato, or rice and a glass of Chablis.

This should really set your evening on fire. You can serve this to people who don’t normally like pheasant and you will convert them.

Useful info: Fire brigade can be contacted on 999. Please do not mention me by name (thanks).

Dr Bunsen (aka, Matt)


It’s completely the opposite in our house! :slight_smile: The husband is known as ‘Health and Safety Johnson’ and can sniff any ‘unsafe’ practices in the kitchen from miles. Kills my creativity!

Great recipe, by the way! I’ll definitely give this one a go (when said H&S officer is away) :+1::+1: