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Failure to load this site

In the last few days, every time I open the Community site for the first time in a day, I get a message saying it can’t load because I am offline. I am not, and when I hit ‘reload’ the site appears as normal. What have you changed, and how do I avoid this?

As far as I know we haven’t changed anything on the site. It sounds like it might be something to do with the device you are using. Is it a mobile?

If you’re getting the message only the first time you visit the Community but a refresh seems to fix the problem, it might help to clear cookies/cache on whichever web browser you’re using? :slight_smile:

I am using the same laptop I have been using for more than a year. It worked properly until the end of March. Nothing I am doing or using has changed.

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Absolutely, I’m sure it’s nothing you’ve done - I’ve had the same issue with other websites in the past! The advice I always got was to try clearing the cookies/cache on my web browser if I wanted to fix it so it’s worth a try?
Which browser are you using - Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox? If you need a hand working out how to clear the cache I can gladly send you some advice. :blush:

Thank you for the suggestions.
Firefox, but I was planning to change to Chrome soon, so I’ll try that (and the change should solve any cookie problem).

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