Fabulous ladies Wine Society

I came across this on instagram . I am surprised that a commercial single genda wine society can exist.

I’m not. Most wine groups are overwhelmingly male, and for many women this can be either slightly intimidating (depending on the men, obviously) or simply a bit boring.


I agree. There are also fabulously, ‘girls who lift’ groups, of which my partner is a member. It’s really good for encouraging women into free weights. I actually wish I could join but I’m a guy, but they do some serious weights and there’s a nice atmosphere, from all accounts.

Some gyms are really forbidding even to guys and there’s a lot of bad form and idiocy - people doing too much weight and doing terrible form in order to push that weight.

But it’s not just one way. The worlds of finance, high levels of academic administration, and most corporate boards, are safe spaces for white males… (can’t find ‘sad irony emoji’)


My lifting coach runs one of these. My partner goes along occasionally in addition to our regular classes (and my PTs). I know what you mean about how some gyms are really forbidding, but (as someone who took up weightlifting in my late 30s, having never set foot in a gym before) I am finding that there are also a lot more gyms that are a lot more welcoming to everyone. I’d suggest looking for ones that have a women who lift sessions and trying their mixed gender classes as a starting point if you’re interested?

In a related note, I probably owe people an update on my 30reps (seriously though?!?) exercise regime!

Do you have to be a fabulous lady to join…? :grin: