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Extreme Weather Exemptions


I have been ASSIDUOUSLY sticking to 5 + 2 alcohol/no alcohol days for many months, even years perhaps. Now I find myself wondering whether under certain conditions I should relax the rules a bit. Does a temperature of 28 or 30 degrees plus reasonably allow for some nice chilled whites on my 2 days? Probably I am sweating a lot more than usual so the alcohol will leave my system much more quickly than usual; it will hardly count!

Anyone have any illuminating views?


Absolutely correct. I’d go for Rose, it’s just fruit juice really, you barely notice the alcohol at all.


Good thinking!


Being serious, it will still have to go through your liver first! However I very much doubt whether the occasional lapse will make any difference whatsoever so long as your normal regime is 5 + 2, or you simply have a different day off.

Personally I don’t bother and just stick to my normal one glass a day come rain or shine!


And, as if by magic, a rosé offer appears in my inbox!


It’s meant to be.


That’s the kind of delusional reasoning I use !

Recent excuses to have a drink when I should be abstaining include…

Because I’m worth it.
Because the food deserves it.
I’ve had a rubbish day.
It’s only 8% ABV.
I need to make space for incoming bottles.

And I’m using your ’ It’s so hot…’ excuse right now. Here’s todays post exercise recovery drink…

… just what I needed !



I love sherry all year round, but in this weather can’t resist it


Contemplating your fine reasoning with a glass of Fino in my hand. :sunglasses:


Good plan…Some Manzanilla en Rama here!


My routine is open to much more leeway mine is 5 no alcohol + 2 alcohol. Okay most weeks it’s more like 4+3 see it’s slipping already…


I think “reasons” sounds so much better than “excuses”; preferably said with strong conviction!


Hah, usually strictly off the sauce Mon - Wed, but had the very same thought earlier. This thread has convinced me that the rose I was contemplating should be opened.


To be honest in this weather the last thing I want is wine (without soda water)… I have restricted myself to this:


Now that is a lovely beer. I was told it was an attempt at recreating beer from m the Middle Ages when people drank that instead of water - less likely to get you sick!

I’m hoping this will be able to provide similar refreshment.


We try to maintain the 5 on/2 off pattern (except when on holiday) but I don’t find the hot weather causes any change except for upping the number of pots of tea we get through.
If the weather is okay we eat dinner outside and then it can be more difficult to keep to one of the off-alcohol days.


Came home early as I have been invited to a bbq the rain is unbelievable with thunder and lightning.

Damn country work all day in the sun and come home soaking wet.

Was going to have a extra drink but maybe not now.


Where are you? Still baking sunshine here in the south east.

Sounds like you need that drink!


Ha ha! This used to baffle me no end in my first years in the UK! This, and the fact that a mere escalation of 3 degrees in temperature was always followed by thunder and rain. Still, it’s partly what I came here for… :grinning: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: