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Experiences of Cypriot wines


What have your experiences, if any, been like with Cypriot wine?

The Society don’t seem to stock any Cypriot wines and as best as I can recall, I’ve only drank it when in Cyprus. My experiences of supermarket wine out there are very hit and miss. Some bottles have been really rather nice, some literally undrinkable (and I’m not an overly fussy one!) and a few in between!

This bottle was recommended to us by a waiter and we really enjoyed it. I can’t remember any tasting notes I’m afraid but I do remember that it went lovely with a spicy tomato pasta dish.

I’m visiting again in a couple of week’s time and would love to look out for anything that you lot can recommend!

Cypriot Wines

I’m out in a couple of weeks visiting my brother who lives there. He recommends the beer (Keo) rather than the wine…


I have been to Cyprus a few and disagree that the beer is better than the wine. There are good examples of red and white from local varieties as well as Shiraz. Lambartas, kolios, and Vouni Panayia to name a few. The last two are in stunning locations.

I would definitely give them a try.


I know nothing about the subject, but very recently, when visiting one of the wine shops I frequent asking for ‘interesting whites’ - the shop manager recommended this one:

He was really enthusing about it, talking about the native variety (Xynesteri) as quite unique. I actually ended up buying a Tenerife white instead, but perhaps you could look out for this varietal when you’re out there? Sounds like the winemaker is very good too.


That descriptor could be a mine field…


Indeed! Luckily he knows my taste quite well :blush:


I’ll make it a point to try some local wine, despite what my brother might say :wink:


If nothing else driving up to the foothills of Troodos is worth it great scenery. I popped into one small winery and the elderly owners bought out bowls of olives and almonds from their farm. Really hospitable.


Commandaria is worth a try. This is the easiest to buy in the UK and pretty good for the money imo.