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Exhibition Pomerol 2015

Anyone had this?
Exhibition Pomerol 2015
I recently got 3 bottles to try out.
The first was what I was expecting and enjoyable, plenty of up front fruit with solid tannin. For my taste it needs another few years to see some secondary flavours develop and the tannins to soften.
The second I cracked open this evening to go with burger and chips and it is decidedly dodgy. Fruit masked by a mouldy wood smell that develops on the palate. Yuk!
Anyone else experienced such bottle variation?

This sounds corked to me.


Thanks - I thought so too. That’s my second corked bottle in a few months! I’ll ask for a refund.

I think the Pomerol 2015 cropped up in another thread a few months back. Personally I felt it was ‘meh’ and whilst not faulty, I wouldn’t buy again.

Interestingly my account has already been refunded at 7.30 pm last night!
Maybe they know it’s a bit dodgy?


Had it over Christmas and thought it was solid. Leather, red berries and a little taste of that trademark Pomerol richness. You’re not getting a VCC clone for £20, nor are you getting the more complex cocoa/menthol/liquorice flavours, but for £20 you get more that you have any right to expect.


I don’t know what a VCC clone is, let alone tastes like, but I know I wasn’t expecting a corked wine.
When I have a moment I will compile a list of £20 wines on the TWS list that for my palate offer better a PQR.

It’s vieux château certan dahling

I guess the nature of bottles having corks is that some of those bottles are going to be corked. It’s luck of the draw isn’t it? Good that TWS offered such a timely refund