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Exhibition Gran Reserva 2001 Cvne


Exhibition Gran Reserva 2001 CVNE,
This aged gem is just hitting the website. Does anyone know it’s origin. Is this Imperial? That’s my basic question. Cvne s GR sells for much less and is released much earlier, where’s as Imperial is much more money. Imperial is made in a separate area from the basic label wine, if I understand correctly.
Anyone have any pointers?


Can’t help on the pedigree Russ, but it did win IWC Trophy on previous release

and still seems to have a long life predicted
also available in a mature Riojas case

which seems good value based on prices elsewhere

So I’ll be putting a case of one or other in reserves but which ?


I thought about the mixed case as well. Not sure I want them all, and some aren’t available singularity, so I’m torn.
They are
1 Bottle(s) of Vina Real Gran Reserva Rioja 2009
1 Bottle(s) of Urbina Gran Reserva, Rioja 2004
2 Bottle(s) of The Society’s Exhibition Rioja Gran Reserva 2001
1 Bottle(s) of CVNE Imperial Reserva 2005
1 Bottle(s) of Contino Reserva Rioja 2008

Unconvinced by urbina as yet, but others bottles good and as I say not available from TWS otherwise.


Went for the Exhibition.
2001 GR at that quality and price. And great members reviews from initial offer.


Also grabbed a couple of bottles of the Exhibition GR 2001.
Afraid I can’t help with the initial query re origin however…


Supposed to be saving money (an expensive renovation project…), but this is too good to ignore. There can’t be too many opportunities to get hold of 2001 GR Rioja from a fine producer, so 6 of these going into reserves.


Finally tried one of my pair of these tonight. Cork had a reassuring mould on its cap and was easily withdrawn. No sediment at all but a very light staining on the bottle. Dark with light brick at the edges. Gorgeous nose of tobacco leaf, cedar and sweet cassis. Palate has sweet berry fruit underlined by evolved, tertiary mushroom and a little savoury edge. All one would expect from an 18 yo Rioja gran reserva with some way ahead of it too. Stunning value for money. More please!