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Exhibition English Sparkling Wine NV: review



Tom Cannavan recently made the Exhibition English Sparkling Wine made by Ridgeview his wine of the week.

I won’t normally be sharing these links such as these myself, but I wanted to show how videos such as this can be embedded in the forum as well as text or links. I trust you enjoy the video, and the ability to share these.

Oh, and let me know if you’ve tried the wine and agree with Tom.

Here’s the link to the wine itself:


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I really enjoyed this and will be buying more. My tasting notes don’t go much beyond “mm this is nice” though although it followed a Tattinger champagne and I enjoyed it as much as the champagne.


Interesting to note that Tattinger has started to plant vines in the UK now, I think we will see English wine become more and more popular once yields increase, still English wine is getting much better.


Tom Cannavan’s gravitas, polished enunciation and impeccable sentence structure is really something to behold. But Gary Vaynerchuk has a lot to answer for!