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Exhibition Chile - the #TWS Taste event



Welcome to the May edition of out #twstaste virtual tasting where we will put two benchmark Chilean wines in the spotlight!


If you’re new to TWS Taste/feel like a refresher, have a read of this topic which explains what it’s all about.

While you’re at it, check in here to tell us you are taking part

  • I’m here - maybe even with some friends - ready to taste wine!
  • I’m here - but only lurking (for information)
  • If anyone asks … I’m NOT HERE! :eyes:

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We will be tasting two Chilean wines currently featured in our Society & Exhibition offer



Shortly we will be posting some information on the first wine - and we will start asking for your thoughts - but feel free to introduce yourselves first and see who else is here tonight.

Thanks, as always to the #TWS Taste team: @ewan, @laura and @martin_brown

Weekend Drinking Thread [4th May 2018]
May 3rd joining instructions
NEW #TWSTaste [3rd May]: Exhibition Chile
NEW #TWSTaste [3rd May]: Exhibition Chile

I am here in sunny Wimbledon.


With Mr jaykay glasses and wine at the ready


I’m here in rainy Aberdeen. Even have the right wines :wine_glass::+1:
…with Mrs Reed


Glad someone else has rain


Ready and waiting :smirk:


make sure you don’t run out of likes this time… you should have got a special waiver IMHO



@szaki1974, you totally know that’s going to happen !! I should’ve been saving them today!:see_no_evil:


Nice :wink:, I’m not giving you a like because… well

NEW #TWSTaste [3rd May]: Exhibition Chile

Glass is poured and getting up from fridge temperature!


School boy error - just finishing Thai green curry here… hoping my my taste buds recover in time!! :flushed:


Three of us here in South Wales. I am joined by Mrs CroquetChris and our good friend who introduced us to the Wine Society CroquetStrat


I’m here, sort of. Still on a work web conference which is running late. This could be interesting!


Greetings from Brighton! Inbar here and Martin will join in a minute, once Top of the Pops finishes (my daughter is a fan!)… :slight_smile:


It’s all about priorities :+1:


We are watching Keeping Faith as I taste…


On your marks… :running_man:‍♂️


We have opposite problem. Our salmon still in the oven along with sweet potato chips and Pak Choi on the hob. May be ready in time for the carmenere :smiley:


Snooker semi-final in the background here. Seems to be Battle Of The Receding Hairlines.