Exciting times ahead

As a new member to the Wine Society and the community I decided to share with you the contents of my 1st box :slight_smile:

I selected based on 3 different searches (I) Italian Reds, (ii) Medium bodied (ii) Society everyday drinking favourites and I think I have ended up with a great line up.

The first bottle we opened was the ‘Frascole’ Chianti - and I can tell you it was light, fruity and delicious!

I’ll tell you more as we open more!


Welcome, it is a bit difficult to see what these bottles are, must be some of the detail is lost in the upload or maybe just my computer.

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Hi. It was user error my end… Have uploaded more hi-res pics now

Welcome! Wines look great. I could do with a glass of Chianti now! Can’t often go wrong with Italian wine from the society

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Some nice looking choices there @Eileen !
The only one of those I’ve tried is the Poderi Colla Barbera, which was very nice. That chianti is arriving on Thursday, though, so I’m very glad to hear it’s good!
A delicious and diverse voyage of discovery awaits…:wink:


@Eileen These look great. Reminds me I haven’t had a chianti in forever! ITs now going to have to go in my next order :}!
Like your decanter too btw


Welcome @Eileen.
I had the Laborie a couple of years ago. Cracking wine for the price. Enjoy!


Thanks all for the warm welcome and nice comments! I’m excited about trying new wines and sharing my thoughts… There is so much choice I am also looking forward to following up on some of your recommendations. With Christmas just around the corner there are further exciting wine / sherry / port choices to be made!


Remember Port and Sherry are for life, not just Christmas :smiley:


Welcome @Eileen! :smile: Cracking line-up there - I’ve had the Domaine Laborie more times than I care to count and it’s always a treat.

You’ll have to tell us which of the two Chiantis you liked best? :wink: Personally I haven’t tried either of these so would be very interested to hear which of them stood out for you.

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The Lacarelle is a cracking Bojo! WIne from the estate has long been a key component in the blend for The Society’s Beaujolais-Villages. And the Colla is a perennial favourite. Welcome to your Society, Eileen! :slight_smile:


My journey of discovery continued last night with the Rioja… I think the bottle was a little too cold as the initial taste was quite acidic. After is warmed up and had a chance to breathe it had a rounder / fuller flavour but I would not have said this was a typical Rioja. A nice wine but not one for my favourites list.

Welcome to TWS.

The Laborie is deliciously drinkable wine and a no-brainer as an every/any day wine

And now getting ready for tonight… :slight_smile:

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You should definitely try The Society’s Rioja Crianza (though I’ve not tried the latest vintage)

Or else the Navajas is highly regarded

First sip… And I’d say it’s rather delicious! Now let’s get down to watching Scotland vs NZ at Murrayfield :slight_smile:

… and get ready to drown your sorrows?


You need to keep the faith! :grin: