Everyday Italian reds from TWS?

Thanks all for the recommendation. I know I can filter to find the wines I want, it’s always good to get some recommendations which is exactly what I received from everyone. More than plenty of wines to try!


Yes, I thought you probably did, and were after personal recommendations, but I just recently discovered that a friend I’d persuaded to join a couple of years ago hadn’t spotted the filters at all.

I also thoroughly recommend the Sicilian Red by the way!

Two options head and shoulders above the rest in my book.

The Ciro from Santa Venere, and (of course) the perennial Allegrini Valpol.


The Allegrini price has gone up a lot in recent years, unless my memory is playing tricks. It seems expensive for what it is.

Thanks all! this is very helpful. There are a few wines that are out of stock or about to come in I can’t wait to place to order.

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I would definitely second recommendation of The Society’s Barbera d’asti Superiore.

I would like to try the Nadia Curto Barbera d’Alba but can’t justify it at the moment with the amount of wine at home.

Some of my favourite sub £12.50 Italians:

I think all three of these punch well above their price tag.

Oh and a second for the TWS Sicilian Reserve.


Just to bump this thread but I notice this is due back in stock shortly