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Every Week Is Wine Week

Apparently someone or something out there has declared this week Wine Week (or English Wine Week to be more precise). We’ll, as far as I’m concerned every week is wine week and our our lovable little brand Herdy has created this lovable little animated GIF that I thought I’d share with my Wine Soc. friends and, if you like, you can share it too. Have a lovely Wine Week-end! :wine_glass: :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s also Portuguese wine month and probably international some grape or other day today. There’s a huge amount of this sort of advertising gimmick happening at the moment as people vie for hashtag space.

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Apparently not, but we missed World Lambrusco day on the 21st.


Gosh, I was given a Lambrusco at the beginning of the month and was pondering what to do with it. World Lambrusco day would have been an excuse to open it…

I surely must have had a Lambrusco at some time in the dim and distant past, but memory of it eludes me.

It was also light strike awareness day