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Event - Clos des Cazaux 27th January 2021

Should be a good one.
If you want to ask a question, don’t forget to register?
The Gigondas Sarrasine 2019 and the Vacqueyras Saint Roch Cuvee 2019 on the latest EP Offer are produced at this Domaine. :+1: :dragon:


Not to mention the Les Templiers which, for me, is often the pick of the bunch. Unusually high proportion of Syrah means it ages brilliantly.

I’ve been buying Cazaux wines since the mid-80s and they never disappoint. Looking forward to this Zoom.


Is this event on tonight? I haven’t had an email with a Zoom link

Try emailing:


Hope this helps. :+1: :dragon:

I had a link this morning:

I do wish that they would send the link when I register so I have a confirmation that I have registered as well as a backup if they miss out on the day.

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Thank you, Taffy.


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Coravin treatment for a magnum of Grenat Noble, and an excuse to open Saint Roch 2014 which is the closest I’ve got for the Exhibition Vacqueyras.

Check your spam. That’s where mine went!

I’ll be on Les Templiers from 2 different vintages, by Coravin.

I’ve only got one of the Sarrasine left here, and want to leave it. Got some IB still.

Which Sarrasine vintage and is it singing :musical_note: yet?? :+1: :dragon:

I’ve got '13, '14 and '16. The latter two have had a glass Coravined. Big Syrah notes on the nose from the '16, and more rounded sweeter fruit on the nose (if it’s possible to have sweet fruit on the nose!) from the '14. Haven’t sampled them yet.

Just found your review of the Saint Roch 2014 - spot on! Very muted nose. It hasn’t been open that long so I’m hoping it will be better later tonight or tomorrow.

My '13’s are long gone. When it was good, it bordered on spectacular!! :+1: :dragon:

A brilliant session!! An even better oops! :blush: from Anna, declassified - bring it on. :+1: :dragon:


The '14 is singing right now, the '16 will sing but I think needs a little longer to soften. The '13 seems to have gone into a slight ‘recess’, slightly hollow in the middle, nice savoury tannins though. It’s the Vacqueyras I’m on though @Taffy-on-Tour!

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