Eurovision 2023

Long time since we had one of these threads. Anyone else watching in secret? Opened a 2010 Jaume Clos des Echalas and sat back.


No secretive watching for me - Eurovision is great fun!

Have enjoyed it since the 80s and 90s when Ireland ruled the contest. Can’t even qualify now…

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I’m not a regular viewer but the mood has quite taken me this year……

I’m in… So much colour, incredible light shows - all very professionally done. Well done Lviv-erpool!


I like the French song, very… French


Hard to see past Sweden - ridiculously short odds with the bookies.

Would love to see Finland win.

Just going to say the same thing about the odds, bookies give Sweden 50%, Finland 22% and Ukraine 7%.

I enjoyed the French entry, but Spain was even better…

Me opposite.

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Mandatory viewing here with a Swede in the family.


Not sure what I feel about Sweden’s entry, but quite like Albania’s… Time for a glass of something…

Why is this under the en primeur tag? I suppose that’s just the craziness of Eurovision

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We’re watching with the red button Scouse commentary. And I’m slowly demolishing a Felsina Chianti Classico (2017)…


I quite liked Serbia’s. Think I may be in a minority…

Switzerland in the lead in our house

What a vest that Italian dude has.


Fair, changed it. My incompetence.

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Yep. Enjoying the song too actually. Can’t beat a good euro ballad…

I’m with you on Serbia, I liked it.

Sparky’s Magic Piano making a guest appearance for Estonia I see.

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