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Eurovision 2019


Has it really been a year?!

Well, let’s have a separate topic, like last time, so that the regular weekend drinking thread doesn’t get full of Europop commentary. This way, those who don’t do Eurovision can just steer clear of this thread and stay safe.

So. Does anyone watch the semi-finals and whatnot? I always avoid them - I don’t want any sneak previews of the evening’s unfolding naffness.

Who else will be watching, and what will you be drinking to get you through the night?

We’re currently finishing our last bottle of the Hortas do Caseirinho. It was left over from last summer - never got round to drinking it somehow - and now has barely even a spritz left. No matter - it’s got us in the mood.

Now to get the urchins to bed…


I’ll be watching while continuing with this which I opened for lunch today and is wonderfully fresh, balanced and seems perfect for Spring (at least in my part of the world):

Big mistake not to watch the semis though as some of the naffest acts have been and gone - the lizards of Portugal were particularly memorable…


We’re on this which is supremely drinkable, and fairly cheap, which is good considering how many bottles this group might get through tonight… (BTW agree on watching the semi-finals, there is something quite profound about countries putting in such effort and not making it to the main event…


Yeah, I’ve never thought about the fact that the semi-finals will include the acts so naff they couldn’t even make the Naffness Grand Final, and is therefore good Euroviewing.

Maybe I’ll give them a go next year. Still, I like the surprise of waiting till the big event…


OOhhh! Didn’t even realise… but i’m in. Never laughed so much last year.
I have this currently chilling :+1: Think I bought it in Belgium :wink:


On my own this evening, so I’ll be dipping in and out of the naff event…

Have recently got back from a lunchtime BBQ at a colleague’s house, so had about 4 different types of wine before 2pm. In order to restore some sort of sanity, will be opening my last Vermentino di Gallura- perfect for a lovely springy evening in Sussex (how’s the weather back home, @cgoldin??)

Bring on the bread and circuses! :partying_face:


Oh my goodness… its big bird :sweat_smile:


It’s all about the outfits! :laughing:

I’m on last night’s Ksara now. Only a couple of hours down the road from the host nation … not quite a local wine!


Absolutely !!


Not fussed on Malta here. Hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



I’m finishing off this:

Not actually reflecting a Eurovision contestant, but who knows? Maybe next year!

It’s very delicious - plenty of soft, yummy, vanilla-ery oakiness and plenty of fruit. A bit ‘hot’ at 14.5%, but methinks a lot tastier than many Clarets I’ve tried…

The lighting is certainly Eurovision in all it’s glittery sparkle - even though we’re in the middle east…


Did Albania qualify does anyone know? Haven’t started watching yet but will get involved later once we’ve eaten. Campari and lemonade already down the hatch - I know, it’s a sin to sweeten up the bitters but that’s how we roll here in Southampton- and looking forward to finishing off the Xinomavro Jeunes Vigneau we started last night. It’s a bit of a fridge emptying exercise tonight as we prepare to take to the road and the high seas tomorrow on a month’s tour of the Basque Country and quite a bit of France.

Anyway enjoy the Euros and I’ll be back later to enjoy the :kiss::lipstick::lips::fairy:‍♀:dancer::man_dancing::microphone:


Malta? Nahhhhhh


On right now !


Ooooohhh… Albania’s on now - Very emotional tone and I suspect, very Albanian in its appeal.


Cleopatra meets The Addams family… :flushed:


:laughing: At least she’s mostly in tune!

Big fan of this, great value.


Did that Czech dude just go for a bit of Estuary English??


My 6 year old is currently rating them on attractiveness and head bangingness :woman_facepalming:t3:… whilst asking whether they are female or male … I mean fair question :rofl: