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Eurovision 2018


I’m sure (I hope?) I won’t be the only one here watching tonight, so I thought we should have a safe place to discuss the madness as it unfolds. It also prevents any accidental hijacking of the regular weekend drinking thread, as I appreciate that there are plenty of people who can’t bear Eurovision, and that’s fair enough.

As a nod to the hosts, I will be opening one of these:

I still miss Terry Wogan. With him, you could actually hear the (presumed) bottle of whiskey next to him getting emptier and emptier as the evening wore on…


We are spread betting with a French white and a Spanish red

and I feel that a lot of cheese and a mug of Camp coffee might also be appropriate…


Ahhh, Eurovision… I spent my childhood glued to the TV every year watching it with glee, and half wondering how come Israel has become part of Europe :thinking:
Out with some fellow mums tonight, so won’t be watching unfortunately, but I suspect that by the end of the night we will be singing our hearts out in obscure, made up language as a tribute… :grinning:


Israel is practically next door compared with that other geographically confusing Eurovision nation Australia! :slight_smile:


Yeah, questionable geography but hey, the more the merrier!

Spectacularly questionable geography.


Yes, maybe Worldvision is a better description… Although they might be the people who took over Specsavers :nerd_face:


Whereas the Eurovision people should have gone there. We might be watching… also have the same wine open @Herbster


I’ll be drinking this which is my kind of thing for sipping nonchalantly while pretending not to watch:


Eurovision is most fun when watched in company, so watching it with you this year will be AMAZING


Here we go!

I remember a group of us used to have a two-part drinking game that firstly involved a kind of cheesy-tunes-bingo. Drink every time they sing ‘ooh yeah’, every time a scantily-clad dancer appears, every time they hold the high note for the key change into the outro, etc…customise it at will.

Part two of the drinking game involved picking a country (or two) and taking a swig for every point they got.

For clarity, I am playing neither of those games this year…!


Very disappointing from Spain … he might be a lovely partner … but shame he couldn’t actually do the singing bit


Yeah. It was all very cute and earnest, but fell flat for me.


My wife says the Slovenian has nice hair - does that count as a musical accomplishment?


Slovenia are going into the early lead. Can’t see it winning, but it’s miles better than the first two!


Nice bit of showmanship as well. Bit of audience participation always goes down well.


I was just going to say it was pretty bad… haven’t seen the first two…


You missed nothing!


I think I might need to look at the sound setting on the tv as it is all s bit flat… either me or the organisers


Very impressed by the way the Lithuanian got up off the floor - she can’t sing though


Not hitting those notes. Also, it reminded me of a John Lewis Christmas advert song.