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Euro 2020(1)

I agree with all of that, Andre,
Technically we are not up to the same high standards as teams like Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.
Southgate is a typical FA choice of a dull lifeless uninspiring manager.

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This thread is full of positivity.


Interesting how different people can watch the same game and come away with completely different opinions! I thought that last nights performance was the best from England yet. The introduction of Grealish and Saka made them a much more potent attacking proposition.

The old adage of “you can only play the team put in front of you” is very true in these early group games. When England got possession, the Czechs immediately put 10 men behind the ball and made themselves tough to break down. It was exactly the same in the France v Germany game, with Germany doing the same.

As others have noted the real test is still to come. Into the last 16, job done. We’ll see what this team is really made of in the coming days :grimacing:

One other key difference for appreciating the game is that I watched it on Swedish TV, minus the inane punditry…


I agree that last night was England’s best performance so far; but that is exactly what worries me. We scored in first 15 minutes against an ordinary side, and at times Saka and Grealish ran at players and used pace. But we could not capitalise, and then second half reverted to how we played against Scotland.

I thought the start was very positive, with a lot more running and creativity. We got a bit stuck in the second half and obviously room for improvement there. I do believe we have the players and hopefully it can come together for a longer period.

Belated congratulations to the Welsh team and commiserations to Scotland.

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Does anyone have any idea why BBC News gave so much more prominence to Scotland losing than to England winning last night?

I think it’s to do with TV rights - ITV had the rights last night to the England game ISTR.

While last night’s England game did peter out after another bright start, at least some of this can be attributed to the circumstances. With both teams qualified there was little point in risking cards or injury going all out, and it suited both teams.

In the first half Saka was outstanding, driving forward and taking men on, a lovely assist from Grealish, and another goal (and one off the post) for the unfairly-derided Sterling. We also look defensively organised and stable, and didn’t miss Mount (who i really rate) at all.

On the downside, everything Kane does looks laboured and watching Rice & Philips slow the game down and hit back passes to Pickford from the halfway line is excrutiating.

There are certainly still huge questions over how much we can step up our attacking vs stronger opposition, but we have quality, options and now some momentum. All we need to do is move the ball faster and more frequently through midfield.

Uncharacteristically I’m going to remain optimistic. Forza Gareth!


I seem to be in a minority, but having seen a lifetime of turgid ‘hit it up to the big lads’, get-rid, scared of the ball, Neanderthal blood-and-guts-passion-over-tactics-and-patience, I’ve found England under Southgate a breath of fresh air. He has had to drag an entire footballing culture off the floor. It’ll take a long time, because the distances to cover are galactic…

I for one hope he signals the direction of travel, not a blip in our predictable navel-gazing.


So Germany at Wembley it is again. Now we shall see what the boys are made of.

Win this and we have an eminently winnable QF vs Sweden or Ukraine.

Game on!

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Hungary is out. Not unexpectedly.

Yes but they go home proud, having put up 3 good fights! (OK, 2 good fights)


That group was incredible though, with 3 of the best 5 teams in the whole tournament. Hungary played with passion and no little skill in all three games I thought, and came very close to upsetting the odds.

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I think Germany are very beatable: they score lots of goals but are suspect at the back.

And then the only other relative contenders in that whole side of the draw are the Netherlands - the other big hitters are in the other half.

The draw has been kind to England IMO and with a growing ‘home’ support I can see them making the final.

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And then a (theoretical, given Denmark the other day and then probably the Netherlands) SF against Wales at Wembley!

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In England’s last 10 finals competition matches (last world cup played 7) we have only scored more than 1 goal on 3 occasions (and two of those were against Panama and Tunisia- minor teams).
We played Belgium twice and failed to score. When we do score a goal we so often fail to press on and dominate the game. We came unstuck against Croatia in the semi-finals in 2018 because we allowed Croatia back into the game.
There is a clear pattern that has emerged under Southgate’s regime. We often start games quite well, score and then seem to freeze. It is as if we don’t want to risk conceding so we sit on a 1-0 lead.
Basically, I think we lack a killer instinct. I am beginning to wonder whether England teams have such a fear of losing that it drives them backwards and not forwards.
I know Germany had a dire last World cup and in this competition lost to France and scrapped a draw last night but they played well against France and crushed Portugal. They were in by far the toughest group.
So on Tuesday England will have to raise their game very considerably. Germany’s recent record is not impressive but in their group they have faced very tough tests and managed to come through. Whilst Germany have conceded they don’t seem to be phased by it.
I hope England win but I am not optimistic.


Hungary were very unlucky last night. Do England have the “bottle” to beat Germany? Let’s hope they do :crossed_fingers:

Good effort Austria!

I think the highlight of this tournament for me so far has been seeing the referees completely ignoring players rolling around the ground apparently in near death agony. As soon as the players realise they are being ignored they leap up and carry on playing! It’s brilliant! I wonder if this signals an imminent improvement in the game in general?


Sadly the PGML seem to be way behind the excellent light-touch refereeing and deployment of VAR we’ve seen at this tournament.

The use of VAR esp. is so obviously better - using it sparingly, quickly and with a basis that the ref is right, rather than actively looking for errors in every decision.

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I think that the game tomorrow night England v Germany, will give us all an opportunity to put the past behind us.
First and foremost, it is just a game of football. It is sport, no more - no less.
WW2 finished 76 years ago, we quite rightly remember the sacrifices that our families made, and that is as it should be. I visited, the CWGC Kranji Memorial in Singapore, a more moving experience than I have ever had, and I shed tears when I read the names on the walls of all those young souls who gave their all, and did not survive… It was a beautifully maintained memorial and if you ever have a chance to visit one, they are dotted around the globe then please take the opportunity, you will not regret it.
So the past is just that, and England should seek to defeat Germany, solely because they are the better team.
Wales are out of the tournament, as are Scotland. We both had our 90 minutes in the sun, and came up short. We should collectively support England tomorrow, just for the 90 minutes. :wink: :rofl:
And make no mistake, when Wales play England in the 2022 6N’s, the gloves will be off again.
There are few better feelings than to have put our men against theirs, and come out on top. My English friends say the same, emotions replicated by our Scottish friends.
It is a sporting war for 80 minutes, or in the case of tomorrow 90, let us please come together and be the “bigger men and women!!” :dragon: