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Eto - getting to know a new gadget

Ah, I’ve never noticed that. I suspect it will go after a bit of use combined with washing. Certainly though if you don’t fully push it down then it cannot work as the whole principle is about eliminating all the air from the surface of the wine.

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Hi Mike,

I do push mine down as far as it can go. Have you noticed a gap if you tilt it ?

No I can put mine completely on its side and I’ve even inverted it partially and still no gap (and nothing came out!).


Cheers Mike,

As you might be able to see from mine, when I tilt it a large air bubble appears and it leaks.

I’m absolutely no expert on the eto, not had mine long yet, but I’d be looking at the seal for the ball valve:

That photo shows the red seal removed from the valve. Note the seal is actually upside down in that photo, showing the slot that seats onto the black plastic as in the next photo.

So the ball will float up until it’s pressed against that seal. If it’s not snuggly pressed against the seal you’ll certainly get leakage and air getting in. Strange that I have no problem with that.

The only other observation I can make is that I fully dismantle all the seals to clean them after I’ve finished the current wine.


Thanks Mike.

I’m no expert with anything mechanical, but I’ve checked I’ve got all the parts and the “ ball and socket “ part appears to be working. So I thought it might be the black seal. I’ll hopefully receive my new seal and see if that corrects the problem. If not guess I’ll have to email Eto again and see what they suggest.


I have no interest in getting this device myself, but there was an advert in the Telegraph which gave a discount code of GIFT

I’ve just tried applying it and 10% gets knocked off

I don’t know if this is in addition to the 10% discount one gets for giving them your email address by subscribing.

ETO is a vast improvement on the vacuvin I used to use, and while I wouldn’t say it keeps the wine in an ‘unopened’ condition (like a Coravin would), it definitely keeps it tasting enjoyable for longer than anything else I have tried.

My main issue so far is that the seals on one of the two ETOs I have smell after washing and definitely leave a rubbery note in the wine after use (as mentioned by others). Still drinkable, but an unwelcome extra flavour. I’m trying what ETO suggest, and whacking the silicone rings in the oven for 15 mins. Haven’t put them back in contact with wine yet, but the smell is gone at any rate. The other set seems fine, so I don’t know if it’s a manufacturing issue.

On storing on their side, ETO instructions advise against doing this, as the ball valve is designed to release on tipping (so that you can pour the wine). Mine fit easily vertically in the fridge door, even when extended, so side storage isn’t needed for me anyway.

In summary, I still like them, and still use them, they are a bit fiddly to use and clean, but I haven’t seen anything else that is better if you regularly have unfinished bottles and don’t want to invest in a Coravin (or drink a lot under screwcap).


Thanks @Comtes86,

I’ve requested one of these for Christmas, just hope I don’t get a stinky seal!