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Eto - getting to know a new gadget



Technically it wasn’t actually an email. it was an update posted on the Indiegogo site that was then sent to me from noreply@indiegogo.com, so maybe you don’t have notifications turned on in your Indiegogo account? And maybe an email will come from the eto people themselves later? It was only sent on the 11th.

They also had this at the end of the update post:

We will soon stop posting updates on Indiegogo, so sign up to our newsletter at www.etowine.com it’s also where you can check out the videos & FAQs for any help with your eto. We love to see your stunning photos of eto so like & post to our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts.

Which suggests they are moving out of their crowdfunding phase.


I too didn’t receive the email / update post - but it is on the Eto page.


Hi @MikeFranklin et al, I’ve been using my 2 etos for about 3 months. Recently it held together a te muna road pinot noir for 2 weeks. So very happy. One tip, make sure when cleaning that all parts are thoroughly dry and lay plunger section on its side to avoid stale air on reconstructing for storage.


Just received another email:

All the stock for the second manufacturing run has now arrived in the UK warehouse. Unfortunately, there is a slight delay in sending out to some countries because our logistics company is integrating onto another system for the tracking and carrier. We knew this was happening but were told it wouldn’t affect getting out the deliveries in July, however, as July is coming to the end there are still bugs occurring in the integration and they are unable to send out the parcels. We’ve been told that these issues should be resolved over the next couple of weeks and they hope to start sending out the remaining etos w/c 12th August, but maybe earlier.

A tad annoying; I was really hoping it would be here soon!


Thanks @MikeFranklin for keeping us all updated, likely I’ll be away then when mine arrive :see_no_evil:


Naturally! :smiley:


Hi all
I’ve been using mine off and on since it arrived at the start of the year and have to say I’m fairly pleased with it. I like the design. I don’t think the metal material is an issue because it doesn’t actually come into contact with the liquid while stored sealed, only as it’s poured. I’m sure the designers would have known that storing an acidic liquid in contact with metal would drastically alter its chemical profile, hence why the vessel is inert glass with an inert polymer seal.
I imagine the decision to make the capacity just less than a full bottle was to save material cost, while assuming that users would generally drink at least half a glass after opening a bottle. Certainly not an issue for me - the main issue as others have noted is that I have yet to test it past 7 days, but definitely keeps the wine very nicely for a week or so.
Cheers all.


Just had an email stating that my etos have been dispatched. So I guess all UK based waiting for their order should have theirs on their way shortly or already.


Ditto. A nice surprise.


@MikeFranklin, yes, and we’ll miss it by a day… hoping the neighbours will take it in :persevere::persevere:


Purchased mine Thursday 18th July - got the same confirmation email last night saying it has been dispatched. Feel I came in at the right time :grin:


My two have arrived and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the design ! Looks great, hopefully you will have received yours today too @MikeFranklin?


Not yet. If it arrives today it will be later this afternoon. However up here we’re usually one day longer for deliveries compared to you southerners :wink: I can’t wait I have several wines I want to taste side by side but don’t want two wines going off together. My two etos will fix that!

I notice we get a sneaky image of you taking the picture as well! :smiley:


I was trying to stay out of the reflection… hence the long arm :joy::joy:


Nope, as suspected, nothing today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


eto now in residence chez Franklin! :clinking_glasses::sunglasses:


Quick question - when people use it for red wine, do you store it in the fridge?


Personally I don’t bother. It would probably last a little longer but I’m not usually going to be going past a week anyway. And I’d probably forget to get it out in time to warm up!

The couple of times I’ve used it so far (for a Nero d’Avola and a Ribera del Duero) I’ve noticed no significant degradation after a week without refrigeration.


Cheers Mike,

I put mine in the fridge and forgot to take it out 1hr before I wanted to drink it. I’ll keep it out of the fridge next time.


ditto @MikeFranklin - I try to keep my reds cool and dark, but don’t bother refrigerating. Too many part drunk whites/rose in the fridge anyway.

love my etos and a real talking point when guests come to dinner