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Etna Reds - where to start


I have been reading a lot about Etna Reds, their unique minerality and terroir driven approach and that this is now becoming one of the most exciting fine wine regions that doesnt yet have a huge profile. Sounds interesting but TWS don’t list any and I don’t know where to start (as I am with all things Italian). Does anybody know these wines well and are able to offer some recommendations?


It looks like they haven’t got a vintage in at the moment, but TWS have definitely stocked the red version of this in the past:

It’ll no doubt make a reappearance at some point! I don’t have a tasting note on it, but I know I enjoyed it :+1:


No doubt indeed - we’ve got some Etna gems en route for later in the summer, including a couple of new discoveries as well.


And the red version of that wine is lovely…


M&S do a good ‘entry level’ one, for £11, which I had a number of times and thoroughly enjoyed:

It says out of stock on line, but I bought another bottle of it just the other day, so perhaps still available in shops.
I had the pleasure of drinking this one a few months ago, though it’s not cheap. But it was utterly delicious, and had just the sort of minerality I love in a red:
Planeta is probably one of the more illustrious and famous wineries producing some excellent wines- I love their Carricante Etna Bianco. The other one is Donnafugata (M&S used to stock one of their reds, but I haven’t seen it for a while- it was awesome!): https://www.donnafugata.it/en/our-land/etna/


Excellent news! I’ll be looking out for it (them).

I think this is the one @Bargainbob means-

A pity it’s just gone off-list as it makes a lovely summer red - fragrant and not at all heavy.


The one I purchased was in a Burgundy shaped bottle with a different label, same producer etc and was on offer, so a good buy.


Yep! Same here :+1:


This is a brilliant summer red too, also from Nicosia - frappato is a top Sicilian variety


I couldn’t agree more - this is going straight into the next order!


Thanks everyone. I will see what pops up later in the summer


They also do a great Rosato called Etna Etna Rosato, I rarely drink rose wines for no obvious reason but I drank that one in Sicily and it was very good, doubtful if it is available here.

Going by their web site they no longer do that wine but they do another rose amongst a very big range of wines including fizz.



Just to bump this thread - any idea when these may be released?


The Etna bianco is already available on the site (both 2016 and 2017 vintages). It’s a great white :+1:


Tenuta delle Terre Nere are a leading producer are their wines are absolutely gorgeous, particularly the reds. Justerini & Brooks stock the full range - well worth exploring!



Early August :slight_smile: along with lots of other Italian goodies


Just to bump this up, for anyone else interested three Etna rossos have just come up on the website.


Ain’t that the truth! A very nice range of new Piedmontese treats including the return of Pelaverga! I’m like a kid in a sweet shop right now…


I’ve heard good things about Cottanera but wasn’t familiar with the Barbazzale so looked it up on their website. Apparently it’s “perfect for first-time wine drinkers”!

That’s all of us, then…


a very interesting… related… mixed case