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Escape from lockdown - Alsace visit

Thanks for a super post Robert.

I’m very much an Alsace beginner but have been wanting to make a trip for ages. Have a Eurotunnel ticket booked for the campervan in early September but who knows if we will be able to go or where…


I hope that you make it, @Sunset, we have to make the most of any opportunity at the moment. You will want to go back - the combination of great wine and food, beautiful countryside and picturesque villages is a winner!

Bear in mind that early September is harvest time, and so especially at smaller producers it’s worth making appointments. As @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis points out, most places around Colmar are very well set up for casual visits, but when the family are out picking grapes or making wine, their time may be more limited. They will certainly be very glad to see you though, as obviously all trade has taken a huge hit this year.


@robertd Thanks for your excellent notes, we’ve booked a trip to Alsace at the area at the end of August and will definitely be trying some of your tastings. Presume booking is required?

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Booking - it all depends on where you plan to visit. As noted above, most places in the region near Colmar are very well set up for tasting, and positively welcome walk-ins. In the Bas-Rhin a bit less so, though it’s normally possible. Of the places we visited this time, Dirler-Cadé was the only one we emailed in advance, and that’s because (a) they’d emailed us, and (b) it’s a bit of a drive down to Bergholtz, and we wanted to make sure there was someone there. We have actually just turned up there in the past, with no problems. Some places do require an appointment, and if there is somewhere that you particularly want to go to, then I’d do so anyway. They are also anticipating a very early start to the harvest, which means that opening hours at smaller places may be reduced. Check on the websites. Rolly Gassmann is somewhere that you can certainly just roll up at, though, and it is thoroughly worth doing so.

Hope nothing gets in the way, and have a great trip!

PS. Welcome to the Community. It’s a great, friendly place to chat about wine :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks very much.
Will let you know how we get on and where we visit in Alsace.
We’re also spending a couple of days in Epernay, any suggestions of smaller houses to visit in the area most welcome. Thanks again :sunglasses:

De Venoge at 33 Avenue de Champagne, Epernay.

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Vauversin in Oger.
Patrick Soutiran in ambonnay

both house favourites and purchased over many years

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We passed through Epernay on the return from a recent trip to the French Alps; didn’t have time to visit any producers but I can highly recommend this shop http://www.le520.fr/

Had a good discussion with the owner about my preferences and ended up with a mixed case of really exciting Champagnes. Price and selection definitely better than in the UK (e.g. Cedric Bouchard for c. EUR 65).