EP Bordeaux 2017

Hi there,
anyone taken the leap into the initial Bdx EP 2017 pre-offer.
By the time I do the maths and work out per pottle price I find it hard to justify to myself!
So if you have taken the leap is it just to secure some supply? If I compare my predicted "drinking price per bottle’ it seems like I can buy wine on the open market for less and we know how that’s already drinking.
any comments?


I bought right across the board of the good value '15’s.
And just a smidge of the '16’s.
I ask myself, do I need the '17’s, are they better value than the 15’s or even the 16’s or qualitavely better? Is there a stampede for the 17’s or will they still be available in a few years time?

The Bordeaux hype will always be there, why not look what’s still available on the Bordeaux '16 remainders list which are top quality and if the price v quality of the '17’s still attracts - then buy?

This year I’m keeping my powder dry for other offers, sitting on ones hands is never easy but sometimes is the smart move. There again, playing the Devils Advocate, a cellar crammed to overflowing of “BIG” wines, really?!?
So an individuals choice, I don’t need the '17’s so I won’t buy, you might if you can find wine that balances up your cellar.

Hi Avi,

There is a ‘Closed’ EP group with individual topics covering most of TWS EP campaigns. @robert_mcintosh provided some info on these here:

If you apply to join it you should be able to see the existing Bordeaux EP 17 discussion.

As to your question - I had been going to, submitted a pre-order, and then withdrew it, especially given the prospect of Port EP at around the same time, and other offers later in the year/early next. May take another look at the main offer when it comes out, but increasingly likely I will sit this one out.

I agree @Taffy-on-Tour that the 17s are likely to stick around without appreciating in value dramatically, and have also taken another look at some of the 15s that are still available elsewhere.