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Entertain Us! A list of (often free!) cultural experiences online

Hi everyone,

I was making a list of places to stream free theatre/music and watch museum tours etc for my Grandad while he’s stuck at home (he usually goes to concerts/poetry groups/the theatre at least once a week, despite being 92!) and I thought ‘why not share it on the Community too?’

So here’s a list - and I’m going to make this post a WIKI (a list anyone can edit) so if you have more, please do add them here!


Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has free access to their Digital Concert Hall if you sign up before Tuesday: https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/titelgeschichten/20192020/digital-concert-hall/

The Metropolitan Opera has some free operas streaming almost every day - if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can see the schedule for this week:


(Thanks to @SPmember for making me aware of both of these in the Hobby topic)

Royal Opera House is also streaming free opera and ballet:

The Montreux jazz festival has just made more than 50 festival concerts available to stream for free, including performances by Ray Charles, Wu-Tang Clan, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Deep Purple and Carlos Santana. You can access them for free for 30 days. Go to stingray.com/FREEMJF1M and enter the code FREEMJF1M.Theatre:

There’s loads more classical music free streams in this article too:


The Royal Academy is going to make some of its exhibits free via a video tour - currently there’s this exhibit of Belgian artist Léon Spilliaert:

There’s also a big list of museum and gallery tours here (some of these might not be free):


The National Theatre is making one play per week free to stream on Youtube - there’s more info here. (I can’t quite figure out how this works, so if you do let me know!):


The RSC (plus others) have some shows on a website called Marquee - I think you get a 30-day free trial. Beware you might still need to put your card details in and remember to cancel the trial before the 30 days is up:

Also keep an eye on the BBC as they’ll be broadcasting six RSC plays in the coming weeks:


There’s a huge list of where you can watch theatre online here (again, some of these might require card details, and some might not even be free, but there’s some nice options!):


This is great, thanks Laura, just bookmarked the RSC page so I don’t miss any :slight_smile:

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Great piece of research. Thanks for sharing.

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Many thanks for sharing that Laura

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These are great thanks so much @laura.
there are also some zoo’s such as Chester zoo and san Diego zoo who are offering access to their cams or free virtual tours.

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Yes, I agree with @Tom_R
Sadly I was once amusingly described as a “cultural desert!:open_mouth:
But in my defence, I have enjoyed performances by The Cuban National Ballet, trained by the Kirov and New York City Ballet which was brilliant.
Happily visited the V&A and the British Museum, I adore the Science Museum and Natural History Museum and so many more every where. I love visiting Cathedrals immersing myself in the majesty of the artwork and the history.
The one Cultural activity that sails completely and unencumbered over my head is Opera.
Not that I haven’t tried it, and squirmed in my seat until gratefully the end of the performance finally arrived. Three times but now no more. The assault on my auditory system was too hard to bear, I would rather be happy to be forced to consume a bottle of Riesling, full of that “gout de petrol” character, that it’s aficionados adore.
Me, I detest it with a passion that has no bounds.
So here is an example of what makes the Society so great, we all like different wines.
Culture, I visited Somerset House for a Fabergé Exhibition on loan from the Hermitage (now there’s a great wine lol) in St Petersburg. The beauty and the craftsmanship was utterly breath-taking not forgetting the history of so many of the pieces!!
Opera, I just do not get it. Many do and I see it as my loss. :cry::wink:


If you’re tech savvy enough to VPN and pretend your computer is in France, the Paris Opera is also streaming some of its shows.

I watched their production of Manon the other day, mostly because that’s the name of my few weeks old niece, rather than because I’m cultured. It was bloody good though!


Thanks for posting this up @laura some really good experiences I hadn’t thought of before!

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Radio Caroline via t’interweb. For those of us who listen in black & white.


I won’t be able to go on my annual trip to Zurich Opera House but they are offering streaming of many items, each for a few days.

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Let me entertain you…


I’m terrible at these…

I managed to get 3 and 4 from the first picture.

Otherwise, I’m just saying things like SheepMarsupialCow or MooseCarCalendar in my head, and run into a dead end.


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Say what you see…


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Put ‘date’ instead of ‘calendar’

I couldn’t figure out the marsupial one until I thought of what the Aussies call them; 'roos.

But otherwise got them all except 2.2. I thought the first image in 1.2 was dreadful and 1.4 and 2.4 are both groan out loud!

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cup of ‘cha,’ university ‘don’ underneath that mortar board and what letter is it? :smiley:

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Ahh, you’ve got the right brain for this! I get stuck on the wrong words or ideas…

1.5 is now SheepRoosAtomHeartMother :upside_down_face:

It’s a young sheep!

Lots of opera via the Glyndebourne website www.glyndebourne.com

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2.2 is probably the easiest one. You are overthinking it I would say