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Enomatic showroom wines - 29/01/18


Hi all,

I thought I would start a recurring thread (much like the weekend drinking thread) for the wines in the enomatic machines in the showroom (which my wife referrers to them as wine vending machines).

Here is the current wines in the machine at the moment:

Thought it might be interesting for everyone to discuss some of the wines in the machines - if you have tried any of them or if you would recommend them.

I have just tried some of the reds in the ‘featured wines’ part of the machine, enjoyed the Primitivo (aka Zinfandel) - used to Zin being fairly full on and heavy but this was quite juicy and light but still had a backbone of some tannin.

Anyone else tried any of the wines?


Tried the primitivo a couple of years ago after seeing a recommendation from Jamie Goode I believe.
From memory was lovely, but as you say, much lighter than many a zin I’ve tried.

Think I’ll try and pop in the showroom later in the week and try some others!