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English wine & beer AMA with buyer Freddy Bulmer



Great, will do thanks Freddy


By the way here is a link to the lager!


Can I get in the first round on that email, please.


One for @szaki1974 and @Freddy, Any recommendations on good wine books for Hungary? I’d like to learn more about the different grape varieties and terroir there?



I’m honestly not sure. I have been lucky enough to visit, which is the best way to learn. I’d suggest getting out there if you can. Lake Balaton is a beautiful place for a holiday too!


How about some of the other Eastern European countries?? Is there anything really exciting coming out of Romania for example or even Moldova??


I was in Romania recently and visited Prince Stirbey, who’s wines are wonderful. Romania is so underrated as the counttry is gifted with the perfect climate for growing fruit! Moldova is excellent for really amazing value wines too.
I would recommend the new book written by Caroline Gilby MW which is all about the wines and wine regions of Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria :+1:


Excellent, I’ll get it, thank you. Mr. Leah spent 18months in Romania on a ship build and drank some equally excellent and awful wines…


Also, I’d like to volunteer as a “taster” should you ever have the need to get a second opinion on any of these wines and beers :sweat_smile:


We were lucky enough to visit Ridgeview the other month. Lovely it is too.
They mentioned an oak barrel in the corner as being for the exhibition English sparkling but I couldn’t see any references on the website to this being oak aged.

Further having tasted the pink at the weekend I can say it’s excellent.


Hi Russ, I think there may have been a little confusion. The Exhibition fizz is based on the Bloomsbury but with a few tweaks and a lower dosage. To the best of my knolwedge there is no oak used!

Their Fitzrovia rosé is stonking but in very low quantities so i havent been able to get my hands on any for TWS. I have, however, secured a batch of their Rosé de noir 2014 vintage fizz for our Christmas Fine Wine List. We are doing an exclusive Ridgeview producer focus! :champagne:


Thanks so much for all your questions! :smile: We’ve probably got time for one more before we finish - any takers? :slight_smile:


Stop killing my vibe. I’m having fun.


:joy: You’ll have to come back and chat more often then!


lights get turned up and music turned off… one last drunk person is swaying in the corner as Laura starts sweeping up around them… #LastOrders


Thanks Freddie, the lady wasn’t entirely sure, which is why I asked. I must say that I hasn’t had the exhibition, but i have had the Bloomsbury, I thought if anything the acidity was high, so lower dosage would be, well interesting. Mind you it will age well.


Oooh!! That’s exciting xmas news in mid-September!!! :grin::ok_hand:


I’m super excited for it, the wines are so good. The three top wines have amazing longevity and are hard to come by so I managed to snap a few up especially for members!


Crushed! Though I do think this a commercially viable idea as few people like ‘non-alcoholic’ beers with a synthetic or odd taste so lower varieties would fill that gap. :+1:

Artisan lagers sound awesome! @Freddy please can you sort this as a priority for the ‘Society’s Own’ or ‘Exhibition range’ :yum: - in fact, i’m very surprised there isn’t a standard beer range for TWS own-brands? A lager, IPA, Saison, Stout, Real Ale etc

Thank you so much for your reply! :slight_smile: