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English White for a Tasting


I wish to include an English white for our village “Round the World” Wine Tasting in aid of Church funds. However my knowledge of English wines is limited and the few that I have tasted in the past have been thin and brittle - and expensive! As the event is a charity do, I cannot select anything too expensive, but I would be grateful for comments on the wines contained in the latest TWS Wine List. Recommendations welcomed!


@CuriousBlue There’s been quite a bit of discussion about English wines in the community recently. I asked a similar question to you regarding recommendations, and this thread should certainly give you options…

Hope that helps!


Many thanks! A wealth of information already available - including a specific recommendation for the Chapel Down Kent Bacchus 2016, which does not seem to be too austere and is (just!) within my price bracket!


That Bacchus is wonderful - it also has the benefit of being easier to track down than some, a lot of Waitrose seem to stock it.


It’s a lovely example of a good English white, @CuriousBlue! A bit of an English Sauvignon Blanc, but with that lovely whiff of elderflower, which you often get in English whites.
Enjoy! :grinning:


By astonishing coincidence, we had a bottle of the Chapel Down Bacchus yesterday evening. It’s a good recommendation - it’s not so aggressively sauvignon-flavoured as some. I wonder if producers are using that cultivated yeast strain selected for highlighting the gooseberryish characteristics of sauvignon blancs?


Great question. I can’t remember if anyone else suggested it in the other thread, but I tried the 2016 of this wine and my whole family really enjoyed it - and not expensive at all:


Many thanks to all those who also recommended the Chapel Down Bacchus, but disaster has struck, as it is out of stock!. Alternatives are now Stopham Estate Pinot Blanc or Camel Valley Bacchus. Any views?, bearing in mind that we do not want too dry a wine for the Tasting.


I’ve not had the Stopham but had the Camel Valley (a few vintages ago mind) and enjoyed it.


If you can get to an M&S, they have it or something incredibly similar to it under their own label as ‘Lamberhurst Estate Bacchus Reserve.’ Definitely made by Chapel Down.


Chablis flavour, Mosel mouthfeel. Serious cool climate Chardonnay.


Excellent Gloucestershire wine from 3 Choirs. Always seems consistent


Grateful to all who have kindly provided alternative English whites for our village Wine Tasting: I have taken the safe route and selected the TWS Camel Valley Baccus. I will let you all know how the wine was rated by those attending!