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English bottling

Criticise away! We’re not employed by TWS or anything, we’re just volunteers on this forum. I have lots of criticisms of TWS :smiley:

Wrt to this topic, my personal (not a Mentor!) view is that I wouldn’t like to see EB added to the list. I think it would not be worth the effort, affect only a small amount of wines and members, a waste of money, and clutter the list. I can see the value of the the information made available somehow though, ideally online, perhaps via a filter or something.


tbh - by the time you have it in the product database you’ve spent the money !

perhaps a WIKI on here where people (inc TWS staff) can add EB wines ?..thats free!!!


Yeah. It wouldn’t look out of place on the list of filters already along the left-hand side. If I can reduce the list to wines with plastic stoppers, or wines which go with avocado & prawns, why not wines bottled at source/destination/third country…?


Come on, you know that’s the whole list…


Good idea - I’d gladly drop in the ones I know of.


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this is great - thanks.

I’m not sure how to convert to a WIKI but I’m sure a mentor can help …pretty please

@AnaGramWords happy ?!

Done… Feel free to add/edit :blush:


You beat me to it @Leah!

It’s Day One of the school holidays and every time I start doing something I have to stop, turn around and


not that I’m implying that you look like Julie Andrews :joy:


thank you :+1:

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Day One already feels like Day Fifty! :dizzy_face:

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Not that you’re counting or anything!

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Look, I cannot for the life of me understand why it is so difficult to add EB in the left hand side as a reference in the same vein as ‘synthetic closure’ ‘screw cap’ etc. It can only be being given a wide birth due to some concern that customers might steer clear of bulk transported wine. I will repeat myself. I am not against bulk delivered wine. It is a massive industry and in general ecologically a good thing to do. Showing an EB logo is as important information as ‘synthetic closure’. I just don’t get why it is such a ‘thing’ not to do it unless it is deemed as sales-negative. If I knew what a wiki was (please please don’t tell me) … Over to you mentors!

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there you go… English Bottling WIKI

btw - just keep repeating the same thing time and time again, without listening to feedback, often fails to get the desired response. Within a couple of nicely worded messages we managed to get TWS staff on-board and to initiate the WIKI. Now anyone can add their findings to this

what a lovely day :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you’ve ever been involved in an organisation where there are literally hundreds of projects going on on the IT side in order to improve the efficiency of the organisation still further. Each of those projects, whether totally redeveloping a website from top to toe, or doing something seemingly small and insignificant, takes up development time and money, and therefore needs prioritising. And as more projects come on line, those priorities are reshuffled.

It may seem such a simple thing to do, but even putting the two letters EB against a wine or in the filters demands time and can divert from something more pressing and crucial.

I have asked for my own operational areas to be improved with a software tweak here or there, and these are often relegated (for the reason I have just given) to an area lower down the queue than I would like.

I share your frustration, but the question most IT developers roll their eyes at across the world is “Could we JUST do x, y or z?” Here at The Society we focus on what will benefit and serve the most members and the business in the best way.

Still, now we have the English Bottling WIKI (WIKI stands for ‘What I Know Is …’) and we shall update this as and when, so we have a live document that shares the information your require.


To you. But not to me. And we are each but one member with one voice.


Look Ewan, thank you for your response. Funnily enough I was heavily involved at the genesis of computer scanning for a national food retailer and do understand how priorities chop and change. I guess the WS needed a coloured swoosh logo before extra information about a wine’s provenance. Some you win etc!


But you’ll understand why anyone reading this thread might not have got that impression from your posts:


desperately seeking synthetic closure on this topic