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English bottling

Good points @peterm, interesting to see the pros and cons there.

I’m sure it’s not a deal-breaker, space-wise, but just for clarity:

Sometimes all eight are used, for example:


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Maybe, maybe not, but it would require some code changes and the time to upload them all, which has to be considered against the value it adds - I suspect only a little and for a very small proportion of members. But no idea really - it’s a small sample here!

All of the info in that screenshot above, I think, is far more pertinent to the vast majority (I include myself!) than where the wine was bottled.

A slight side note, lots of comments here claim things like ‘it wouldn’t take up much space’ to add this or that, but the problem is, you could argue that about 100s of pieces of information not listed currently, and the result would be a hot mess.

What might be interesting is to collect a bunch of these requests and do a member survey of what extra info people would find useful to add/remove. I seem to recall a survey about the website not too long ago but not sure this kind of thing featured.

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Provenance should always be important. However in the website example shown previously I think you’re over-thinking it. Instead of going to the cost of re-designing boxes and columns, why can’t the letters EB just follow the product code? It’s that simple.

Furthermore someone on this thread has already mentioned that there can’t be many EB wines in TWS catalogue, so it shouldn’t require too much labour to sort it.

It seems simple, but then what else might someone want TWS to add to their product codes? They could get very long.

If there aren’t that many that qualify it doesn’t make much sense to change the coding system to include the info. Better just to add a note to the description in this case. but again, only if it’s deemed important enough to enough people.

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I wonder if Member Services could help with this? Then there is always the Society’s Promise… If you’re buying a wine under say £8 that’s come from North America or the Southern Hemisphere you may want to ask in advance. Otherwise take your chance and if you find it’s been bottled elsewhere make a note of it and send it back or don’t buy it again (assuming you tasted it and didn’t like what was in the bottle after all). If lots of people start doing the same, TWS might start adding the info on the List. If you’re the only one, then you are still working towards what you want but getting personal service to get there.

Very interesting thread, thanks shedding light on some interesting points. An excellent response from @wineboar too!


Good one, Herbmeister!

Especially as its the very wine I mentioned recently in this thread recording the lot number.

In mitigation I plead a very unreliable internet going down time after time and restricting my research of TWS website to the wine I was already looking at -Les Piletis Bonarda which doesn’t show a grape variety in the grid.

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I think that’s why I had that one open on the page! I’m tempted to get a few, as it seems to be a reliable house red for quite a few people here :wine_glass:

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Not all bulk shipped wine sold in UK is bottled in England. I don’t know about Wales, NI or Scotland but a lot is bottled in France and Germany.

I think (don’t know for sure) the Percheron wines listed by TWS are bottled in France. It’s a brand of Boutinot and they have a huge bottling plant in France.

I’d understand TWS having reservations about using the code BS against bulk shipped wines :smile:


Lovely consistent wine, quaffable and goes lovely with pasta and tomato based sauce, pizza too.

For drinking not keeping as has a naff plastic closure, so don’t use a corkscrew with a teflon coated screw

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A great book recommendation @JamesF - that book is basically my bible. Before his retirement, David carried out most of the supplier audits for The Wine Society which I now refer to when planning my visits. His reports were all written in a similarly technically accurate but insouciant manner to his book.

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I can remember his lecture vividly - we were all sat glumly, not looking forward to a science and quality lecture…he simply made it come alive and everyone was engaged

My understanding from others in the industry was that he was simply the go to person in the UK on such matters and from that lecture I can understand why

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anyone who has worked with enterprise software will understand the issues including one basic one…perhaps you can’t have more characters !

it would come down to cost vs reward and given the response here, if it were me, I wouldn’t spend any money on it tbh

Sorry to see that the two tiny letters EB didn’t make it into the new list.
For the life of me I cannot see why TWS is so reticent?

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Possibly not reticent but because of the great effort required and that it was only really raised a few months ago ? There would need to be software changes - inventory verification and data addition etc etc

This list would have been printed a few weeks ago so that limits the time even more.

We have been told that TWS are working on many initiatives behind the scenes - perhaps this might one of them ?



Ah! A typical Mentor reaction to the slightest criticism of TWS. Expected :zipper_mouth_face:

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Not sure what you mean … just a chicken with a laptop :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Perhaps you ask TWS directly and not through the community - then you can share your experience with us all

it was raised before - “Just adding” EB is not a simple solution in most enterprise software packages. Adding another box into product info on the website isn’t simple as it has to be populated form the inventory software and ditto for the publishing software for the list.

It also goes bak to cost vs reward… after all, members wouldn’t want the society to waste money on a whim of a few :slight_smile:


Typical chicken reaction to a laptop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it’s got no fingers…how else is to meant to type !!!