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English Bottling WIKI


Ok, based on current showroom stock (so not definitive - and it was a quick visit):

UK Bottled (generally Greencroft)
SA14921 Fistful of Schist White
SA14371 Fistful of Schist Red
NZ11141 SoBo Sauvignon Blanc
US8481 Peltier Ranch Pinot Noir
US8471 Peltier Ranch Sauvignon Blanc
AU21901 Victory Hotel Chardonnay Semillon
AU20971 Victory Hotel Shiraz Cabernet

French Bottled, non French wine:
SA14611 Percheron Shiraz
SA13971 Percheron Chenin Viognier
SA14711 Percheron Cinsault
SA13871 Kaap Plaas Semillon sauvignon

German Bottling, non Germanic wine:
US8301 Society’s Zinfandel

I can’t think of many more but if I’ve missed a variant of any of the above, they are likely to be bottled in the same place. Hope that helps a little?

English bottling
English bottling
English bottling