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England v Portugal: why a Wines of Portugal month but only an Engish Wine Week?

Just wondered why there is such a discrepancy in length.

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Numbers of good and good value wines?


To which I would ask: why does the Algarve has more hours of sunlight per year (and higher average temperature) than Essex?



It reflects the relative length of time until that country is eliminated from Euro 2020


Or just that Portugal is noted more for reds than whites, and we still have a bias in the red direction?

I had the impression that the best Portuguese wines came from well north of the Algarve, e.g. the Douro, though Iā€™m open to correction on that. Interesting that you mentioned Essex, when the Wine Society sells mainly from Gloucestershire, Sussex, and Kent. I have had some good, crisp Essex wines in the past but not from WS.

Ah butā€¦ counting only the summer six months thereā€™s more sunlight for the UK.
Well, daylight anyway !!

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Bastiatā€™s ā€˜petition of the candlemakersā€™ in 1845 (a comment on the French governmentā€™s protectionism):

We are suffering from the ruinous competition of a rival who apparently works under conditions so far superior to our own for the production of light that he is flooding the domestic market with it at an incredibly low price; for the moment he appears, our sales cease, all the consumers turn to him, and a branch of French industry whose ramifications are innumerable is all at once reduced to complete stagnation. This rival, which is none other than the sun, is waging war on us so mercilessly we suspect he is being stirred up against us by perfidious Albion (excellent diplomacy nowadays!), particularly because he has for that haughty island a respect that he does not show for us


Blimey I wouldnā€™t say that. Some of the wines from Alentejo are gorgeous and exceptional value. But, all the same self-evidently is still north of the Algarveā€¦

I think itā€™s actually England v Germany