End of Dry January inspiration required!

Scrolling through the weekend drinking post feeling very jealous, but the end is in sight and I’m planning ahead to what to order for 1st February! Inspire me, if you’re also dry this month what will you be opening first to break the spell? If you’re not, throw in your recommendations anyway.


Something fizzy to celebrate.

So much to choose from, but a few suggestions here if champagne doesn’t float your boat

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That’s what I’m doing! Bought 12 half Boizel NV in the sale last Jan and kept for a year in order to have one each month, the idea being to find something to celebrate every month. I’ll cheat a bit and have the first next fri, celebrating the wine taps being turned on again :laughing:


That was sensible forward planning! I am thinking fizz - a colleague gave me a bottle of Chartham blanc de blancs which is a contender. Fitting with the resolution I make every year to try new English wines! However, also really fancy something full bodied, maybe an oaky chard. I’ve gone all out and treated myself to an eto so it would be rude not to open a still as well, right? :laughing:

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I believe these long periods (as in a month) of no alcohol are bad for the health and it is better to be little and often.
Friends may say I don’t practise what I preach as my little is a relative term!
However, if one does want to do a dry month how about getting back in the saddle properly with some serious Côtes du Rhône, Barbera d’Asti, reserva Riojas or others with a bit of oomph?