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En Primeur offer blues

Nearly all Bordeaux, a little Rioja, Burguday, Rhone & fizz.
All mid-lower end of the range.

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Almost all my EP has been Rhone and Bordeaux and mostly mid-range and I’ve not missed anything yet, also mostly mid range. I think you’re more likely to miss out on higher priced ones as they seem to be the ones available in smaller quantities.

I totally agree with your call for clarity.
I have requested quite a few cases EP over some 15 years and none more than £100 IB per 12-bottle case, yet I have been refused or reduced far more times than I consider fair.
My approach now is to limit my EP purchases to an absolute minimum, if any, as most of the wines I have bought I now see coming on the main list at drinking age with far less hassle and usually cheaper when all costs are considered.

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I inherited my share from what I consider a reasonably high spender, DPD and EP, but right from the start I have lost out on everyday Rhône and Bordeaux wines EP,.

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Thank you Kidman. Yes, we need clarity.

The recent EP offers page seems to have been rejigged - there are now fully-linked lists of remaining stocks for several regions:

(This might have been around for ages but I don’t think I’ve seen it)


The remaining Burgundy stock list is really quite something :flushed:

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I know! It seems longer than the original list!

Thanks for sharing the Martyn.

I’ve also put in a request for the Past Offers pages to be updated with recent vintages so we have the view of the offer pages as well.




That list feels much the same as the one released when allocation was done. I wonder, therefore, how current it is. Does anyone know if they keep it up to date?

I tend to get in early with these remainder lists.
There are many budget wines available like the Billaud Terroirs, Coche-Bizouard Chardonnay, Chanson Pere Chardonnay & Pinot Noir and the Pataille wines. But something for everybody.
There are many free tasting notes if you are prepared to search for them.
Wine merchants who stock a particular wine are a great resource Fine&Rare, J&B, Farr’s etc. Use Wine Searcher to find stockists and look worldwide rather! than just in the UK. :dragon:


Have any members received notification regarding the recent La Rioja Alta 874 2017 EP allocation?

I’ve searched for any threads with information, without success!

The original offer gave the allocation date as 2nd October whilst the subsequent confirmation e-mail stated " no later than 21st September". I’ve not heard anything, nor have the other 3 people I know who placed requests.

Do the Society only contact those who received an allocation?
Thanks in advance for any further info.

Hi Nick. Nothing through yet. I hadn’t noticed the original offer said 2nd October, maybe that is right rather than the email. I’ve never tried EP before, but from reading other threads I think you will get notified either way.

There is a separate thread for this specific offer, you just need to join the EP group to make it visible (though I’ve completely forgotten how), I think people will post there once the notifications start coming through so might be worthwhile.

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To join the EP group and make those discussions visible is very easy. Go to the menu (three horizontal lines) button in the top right (on PC; not sure about smartphones). Select “groups” then find the EP discussion group and click in and then click the ‘join’ button.


Thanks gents.

The EP world should now be visible to me, I had no idea that there were hidden “sub-forums”. Live’n’learn :nerd_face:


The idea is, I think, just to keep those threads out of the way for those not interested in EP.


Judging from other posts on here you should probably be given a “warning, highly addictive” message before making the EP threads visible


Just say goodbye to any disposable income!


Fingers crossed I’ll be ok. I’ve got enough good mature Bordeaux to last the rest of my life, I don’t particularly like Burgundy, and am too impatient to wait years before drinking after purchasing. All of which nicely limits my exposure. :wine_glass: :moneybag: :hole: