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En primeur invoices

En primeur - I have lots of these in play. I get an email from the WS to say they’ve arrived. What do I want to do? The attachment tells me the wine, drink date etc but not the cost of Duty and VAT which I want. The links take me to my Reserves but that’s no use. Several wines in the same email - how to get an invoice for each? I can pay a lump sum to move them into duty paid reserves but still no detail.
Has anyone cracked this? And has anyone been consulted as a user in the web site redesign?

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I initially found this a bit complicated too…and apologies if I have not fully grasped the implication of all your comments…

Given that we keep en primeur wines for a long time in cellar conditions, it has in the past been a very cumbersome process to remember what the wine originally cost, what Duty and VAT is required and what wines need to be moved out of bond and when…

As I understand it, all the wines in the email we recently received are immediately listed in your Reserves. I find the new web site gives much more information than the old one. The wines are automatically listed as “in bond” and you can see how the total price is made up with VAT, Duty and en primeur costs for each one by clicking on the wine in Reserves… If the Duty has already been paid, then there is a link to the total price via the reference number in tracking history. (Might it be a good idea to keep this information linked to the wine in Reserves - rather than having this extra step?)

Like you, I struggled a bit with the email when it came through - not sure whether I have to apply the same answer to all the wines listed or whether I could select different options for each one. But if you look at the Reserves page there are four options listed and one of them allows you to make different choices for each of your wines…doing nothing; paying Duty and VAT and putting them in to your cellar etc etc.

I would appreciate a bit of guidance about why we should think about moving wines out of bond at an early date. I presume this is a judgement call about whether we think Duty and or VAT is likely to rise or fall at a later date…perhaps some pros and cons from the Soc would be good to see…

Having said that - the en primeur offers are fab and a joy to go through each year. They give lot of pleasure and generally the new web site is refreshing and is pulling together much more information in a more accessible way than the old one. So thank you for that and good to see the WS adapting positively.


I use this most of the time to work out the VAT and duty.


There have been other discussions on here about strategy which is a mixed bag.

My personal approach is to let inflation reduce the real cost of the VAT liability, which is the biggest part, until they are well into their window. Others prefer to pay off the VAT and Duty straight away and try to beat a new HMT budget hike on the duty.