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Empordalia Joven


This is one for @Juan, I picked a Empordalia Joven Sinois Negre from M&S in their 25% of for six sale, it is the first wine I have had from that region just over the border from France in Catalonia.
It was very good fresh on the nose and a distinct licorice flavour coming through, I have some friends travelling down through France into that region on the way to Barcelona and they asked if I wanted any wine, the truth is I have little knowledge of that region and I am sure Juan or someone else can give some good producers names to look for, otherwise I will leave it to pot luck, they are wine savvy but as with me this region has escaped their attention.


This wine shop is fantastic, a good place to get Wine in that area. And a good local selection.


We liked the wines from Mas Oller and the ones from Peralada and Espelt I think are well thought of.


Thanks for that it is a good start.


This is almost a new one for me too as I have not really tasted much from it. All I know about it is that geologically and in terms of grape varieties is very similar to the Languedoc and Rousillon. There is the obvious proximity but not only geographically, but also culturally. I don’t know much about young producers in the area but in the past it has certainly followed the path of many others Spanish regions by making wines for an ‘international’ taste, plenty of extraction and oak. One to reach as I’m sure (like in Southern France) there must be plenty of interesting producers that we don’t know about.


I know many in the wine retailing business don’t like Vinissimus but here is a link to their selection:



Thank you Juan, it looks like as I am not travelling there I will give some producer names to my friends and take pot luck, you never know it might be worthwhile, if not I have lost little.

If not they can get me something from the Barcelona area which is better known.